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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Sunny Deol will shoot for ‘Suriya’ first instead of ‘Border 2’, the film is a remake of a Malayalam crime-thriller

Sunny Deol made a tremendous comeback in the year 2023 with ‘Gadar 2’. The film had a net collection of Rs 525.7 crore in the country, while the worldwide gross collection was Rs 686 crore. Seeing the success of the sequel film, now while the release of Sunny’s ‘Border 2’ is being discussed in full swing, it is reported that before this film, he/she is going to start shooting for his/her crime-thriller ‘Surya’. The release date of ‘Border 2’ was announced last Thursday and the film is to be released on the occasion of Republic Day in 2026. While according to the new report, Sunny Deol has started completing his/her film ‘Surya’, which started in 2022. Sunny Deol’s stars are at their peak these days. he/she also has ‘Lahore 1947’ in his/her account. 66-year-old actor Aamir Khan was busy shooting for this film being made under the production banner. It is said that this is the reason why he/she did not give time to ‘Surya’. But now he/she wants to complete ‘Surya’ before ‘Border 2’. This film being made under the banner of Kamal Mukut is being directed by M. Padmakumar.

‘Suriya’ is the Hindi remake of 2018 film ‘Joseph’

‘Suriya’ is actually a Hindi remake of the superhit Malayalam film ‘Joseph’. This film, released in 2018, was also directed by M. Padmakumar. Recently, producer Kamal Mukut’s son Deepak Mukut told in an interview, ‘We have completed 80 percent of the film. Sunny will soon complete the rest of the shooting.’

Sunny Deol placed a condition before doing the film

Deepak further said that he/she understands Sunny Deol’s busy schedule and hence the reason for waiting for two years. he/she said that after watching the film ‘Joseph’, Sunny Deol got excited about this project. However, he/she also put a condition that the film will retain its original seriousness in the remake.

‘Joseph’ has also been made in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada

Let us tell you that Joju George is in the lead role in the Malayalam crime drama ‘Joseph’. The story is about four retired policemen. This film has already been made in three other Indian languages. In the year 2022, it has been made in Tamil language as ‘Vithiran’, in Telugu as ‘Shekhar’ and in Kannada as ‘Ravi Bopanna’.

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Sunny Deol will start shooting for ‘Border 2’ in October

Last Thursday, Sunny Deol announced the sequel of ‘Border’. It is being produced by T-Series and JP Dutta Films. The story of the film is written by JP Dutta’s daughter Nidhi Dutta. Sunny Deol will now first complete the shooting of ‘Suriya’ and then start shooting for ‘Border 2’ in October this year.

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