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Sunny Deol broke silence on Baap and Gadar 2, said – Typecasted by saying two and a half kilos of hand, but not now

Sunny Deol is once again returning as the ‘Baap’ of action on screen. On Tuesday, the first look poster of his upcoming film ‘Baap’ came out, in which fans are still in awe of Sunny’s action avatar with Mithun Chakraborty, Jackie Shroff and Sanjay Dutt. The cinematic career of Sunny Deol, who made his debut with the film ‘Betaab’ in the year 1984, is much bigger than that of his stardom. There was a time when the sinking career of Salman Khan was also salvaged by Sunny Deol from the film ‘Jeet’. Sunny is starting a new innings in his career. While he is working on ‘Apne 2’ with son Karan, apart from ‘Baap’ there is also ‘Suriya’ and ‘Gadar 2’. Sunny Deol says that he is at that stage in his career where he does not need to keep any of his images alive as an actor. It’s time to just fly.

Sunny Deol was last seen in director R Balki’s Chup opposite Dulquer Salmaan. In a conversation with our colleague ‘ETimes’, he was asked that he is working on four films back to back. Is he now looking to try something different instead of the tried and tested roles? To this Sunny said, ‘R Balki’s films have a different world, as far as I know, I can do different things and do something different with my characters. The kind of roles he creates, as in Chup, have a different layering. After Chup, Balki told me about a few projects that I really liked and I want to work with him on some of them as I love his style.

Sunny Deol told, how will be the film ‘Baap’
Sunny Deol’s action film Baap is the Indian version of Hollywood’s The Expendables. Although the title of the film is not confirmed yet, it is currently being called ‘Baap’. In this, he will be seen alongside Mithun Chakraborty, Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff. Whereas in ‘Apne 2’ he will be with several members of the Deol family. So is it more exciting and fun to work on the sets? Says Sunny, “I like the idea of ​​a film like Baap. This is one of those films that not only have I worked with my colleagues from the 80s, but it also has a unique story revolving around friendship and emotions. It also takes you into the old times and has a new age freshness too.

‘Apne 2’ my most special film, do not accept any mistake
Sunny further says, ‘For Apne 2 and Gadar 2, I was already clear that unless we have something that matches the emotion of the original and the films, we will not move forward. I have my whole family in my 2. I didn’t want the script to falter. I can say now that it has shaped up nicely. With the four of us in a single film, Apne 2 is one of the most special films of my life.

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The story of ‘Gadar’ is not about uprooting the hand pump: Sunny Deol
Talking about Gadar 2, Sunny Deol says, ‘Gadar and his Tara Singh were not just about pumping up and shouting. It was the struggle of a family to fight the divisive forces and stay together. We started Gadar 2 only when we were sure that we were bringing the right content to take that legacy forward. Creating something good and living up to the name it has created is a huge challenge.

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Sunny Deol said – I was typecast
Sunny Deol was asked if he feels any pressure at this stage of his career? He said, ‘I think this is the most relaxing phase of my career. Even more so because of the digital world, you can create whatever you want and make your decisions based on the strength and depth of a script and story. You can play characters you’ve never played. It keeps you away from the box-office pressure. I feel I was so typecast in my life that my two-and-a-half kilos ka haath and my big action image roles were overwhelming. But now, I can explore a lot. It is time for me to take flight as an actor. I don’t have to struggle to keep an image alive today.

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