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Suddenly the gas runs out while cooking? Follow 2 tips to know in advance, you will be able to order a new cylinder in time


Before the end of the cylinder, the gas flame starts burning in yellow or orange color.
By wrapping a wet cloth on the cylinder, the empty cylinder part dries quickly.

How to Check Gas Quantity in Cylinder: Most people use gas cylinders for cooking in the kitchen. Many times the gas suddenly runs out while cooking, due to which people have to face a lot of trouble during cooking. In such a situation, if you want, with the help of some easy methods, you can not only find out the remaining fuel in the gas, but also arrange for another cylinder before the gas runs out.

People face a lot of difficulties in cooking after the gas suddenly runs out in the kitchen. At the same time, it becomes difficult to get a new gas cylinder immediately for the house, so we are going to tell you the tips to find out the remaining fuel in the gas, with the help of which you can buy a new one before the gas runs out by knowing the right amount of fuel. Cylinder can be ordered and kept.

focus on the flame
After lighting the gas, you can get an idea of ​​the end of the gas by paying attention to the color of the flame. Usually the flame of gas burns blue, but before the end of the cylinder, the color of the flame starts turning yellow, orange or red. From this you can understand that your gas is about to run out. However, many times the color of the flame changes due to the garbage getting stuck in the gas burner, due to which it is not possible to predict the end of the gas with this recipe.

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use a damp cloth
With the help of a wet cloth, you can measure the amount of fuel in a gas cylinder within minutes. For this, soak a cloth in water and squeeze it. Now wrap this cloth well on the cylinder, then remove the cloth after 1 minute. Due to this, the water applied on the empty part of the cylinder will dry quickly. At the same time, the fuel part will dry up late. Actually, the part of the empty cylinder is more hot, due to which the water applied on it dries up immediately.

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Due to the cooling of the fuel part, its water is absorbed late, due to which you can easily find out the correct amount of fuel in the gas cylinder.

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