Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Such things of Delhi Metro that make passengers angry, keep these things in mind to make the journey easier

Delhi Metro, is a project that has changed the way people travel in the capital city. In such a congested city where the population is increasing every day, Delhi Metro acts as a respite for the commuters. Metro is capable of covering long distances of passengers in less time, as well as it gives people a chance to travel in an air-conditioned environment.
With so many stations, the Metro now covers most of the areas of Delhi NCR. But if there are some good things in everything, then there are some bad things too, if you are traveling in metro everyday, then surely you will know that there are some things related to metro, due to which people get upset everyday. Let us tell you about them today.

People don’t walk in a crowded manner –

People always find different ways to really disturb or there are some who only care about their comfort. Talking in the metro, laughing loudly, unnecessarily fighting for seats, not holding your luggage properly are many things which irritate more people. People walking in the crowd need to understand that apart from you there are many other passengers traveling in the metro, your behavior can cause a lot of trouble to them. If you go through this kind of problem every day, then we suggest you to take some such corner in the metro, where you do not have to face all these problems.

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blue line metro speed

Blue Line Metro is one of the lines that covers many places in Delhi NCR. But the only problem with Blue Line is that it runs very slowly and also comes very late at the station. There are a large number of stations in the Blue Line, so people have to face a lot of problems due to their late arrival. If you are dealing with something like this on a daily basis, we recommend that you leave before peak times when stations are less crowded, or after peak hours are over.

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Metro on the Yellow Line

The way the Blue Line has problems, similarly the Yellow Line is no less. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes for the metro to arrive on the yellow line and people get so annoyed with the wait that they have no choice but to wait. Not only this, due to the late metro arrival at the station, the crowd also increases, due to which each coach is filled to such an extent that it becomes difficult for the people to get out to the next station.

Looking at the problem, there is a need to increase the frequency, well, when it will happen, when not, we cannot say anything in this, but yes, we can give you a suggestion, like you should not go in peak hour, as well as note a metro timing. , so that you reach your station when the metro arrives, so you don’t have to wait.

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One has to walk a lot to change the line –

If you want to change from pink to blue line or something like that, if you want to go from one metro station to another line, then the passengers have to walk a lot for that. The walking distance inside is so much that the thought of changing metro scares people. You can also find some such option in this, which is best for you.

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