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Such a place in the country, where people make physical relation before marriage, family members give free hand!

Physical relation before marriage… Some people support it and many people oppose it. In western countries, it is common to have a physical relationship before marriage. But in our country where traditions are respected, the society does not accept such things. The youth living in the cosmopolitan culture believe that this kind of relationship before marriage is not wrong. It has come to the fore in many surveys that there were many people who made physical relations before marriage. But still, whatever you think in your mind, it is difficult to say in front of anyone. But do you know that there is a place in our own country where youth have the freedom to have romance and physical relationship before marriage. Let’s know about this place…

Muria tribals live in the Naxal-affected area of ​​Chhattisgarh’s Bastar district. They come in Gond tribe only. Their customs and traditions are quite different. Knowing which you will be surprised. Generally speaking in public about physical relation in our country is considered a big mistake. But it is common in these tribal tribes. Here young boys and girls are given freedom to make physical relations. Not only this, it is also promoted.

girl chooses her partner on her own
Actually, there is a tradition named Ghotul in this tribe. Ghotul means a structure made of large bamboo poles. These are like night clubs in urban areas. Here the youth of Muria tribe learn dance. sing songs. Young men and women come here to know each other and have fun. Any child above 10 years can go to Ghotul. If he/she does not go, the parents themselves send him/her. Here the girl searches for a young man every night. romances with him/her. There is no pressure on him/her. She chooses her partner on her own. They have the freedom of it. By the way, girls drink herbal contraceptives to avoid pregnancy. But even then the child is born and it is not known who is its father, so the whole village adopts the child.

Identification of partner by comb
There is also a special process of finding a partner. Boys who reach Ghotul give bamboo combs to the girls of their choice. They are applied on the head. If the girl likes it, she keeps it in her team, otherwise the comb is removed. Having a comb in the hair means that the girl likes that boy. Now they can live together and do whatever they want. Even after a few months, if these two like each other, then the elders of both the families get them married. There are many people who got married during pregnancy. Ghotul provides information on adult education. Myths related to romance are also dispelled. Local people say that due to this tradition, sexual harassment does not happen in the tribal area. Till now not a single such case has been registered here.

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