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Such a miraculous waterfall of Uttarakhand, where sinful people can touch the water, they have to struggle

Uttarakhand is also known as Devbhoomi. It is believed that God resides in every particle of this place. From the rivers and waterfalls here to religious places have their own importance and history. Some miraculous places of Uttarakhand attract a lot of people. In which the waterfall here also comes. It is said about this waterfall that its water stops falling as soon as it falls on the body of sinful persons. Yes, something similar is said about this waterfall present in Badrinath of Chamoli district. Let us tell you in detail about this waterfall. (Representative photo credit:

It has also been told in the scriptures about this –

This waterfall is located 8 km from Badrinath and some 5 km from Mana, the last village of India. This waterfall 13,500 high above sea level is known as Vasudhara. The waterfall is also mentioned in the scriptures, let us tell you, the holy waterfall contains many mysterious things inside it. The water of this waterfall falls from a height of about 400 feet and its beautiful pearly stream will make you feel like you are in heaven.

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Not a single drop of it falls on the sinners –

Not a single drop of it falls on the sinners -

The most special thing about this waterfall is that its water does not fall on every person standing under the stream. Yes, not a drop of water falls on the person who has committed sins. (photo credit: wikimedia commons)

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What does the scripture say –

What does the scripture say -

According to the scriptures, out of the five Pandavas, Sahdev had sacrificed his life here. It is believed that if a drop of this waterfall falls on any person, then understand that person has done a good deed in life. This is the reason why people from all over the country as well as from abroad definitely stand under this miraculous waterfall once. (All photo credits:

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All the sorrows of the body are removed by the water of the spring.

All the sorrows of the body go away with the water of the spring.

It is said that the water of this spring also has the properties of many herbs. This water comes down touching many plants. That’s why on whomever this water falls, half of the diseases go away from the body.

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How did it get its name?

How did it get its name?

It is believed that Ashta Vasu did penance here, due to which the name of this waterfall was named Vasudhara. This waterfall is so high that you will not see the last peak of the mountain at once. To reach here, you can avail horse-mule and dandi-kandi facilities from Mana village.

two hours away

two hours away

The trek to Vasudhara is started from Mana village. After passing the Saraswati temple, only 5 km of the track remains, but from here the trekking becomes quite difficult. Since the ground is very hard and rocky, trekking from Mana to Vasudhara takes only 2 hours. Please tell, there is no facility of food and water on the way.

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