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Study Tips: After reading the topics you forget? Follow these easy study tips


  • Follow these tips to always remember what you read
  • Learn new ways to revise the topic
  • Along with reading it is also necessary to write a topic.

Ways To Memorize Study Notes: Do you also forget the things you read immediately or it happens that you think that you have read and memorized a topic very well, but when you start writing then you have forgotten many points. In addition to clearly understanding the subject, memorization is an important part of the learning process. Here we are telling you what is the better way to remember the things you read:

Understand each topic thoroughly
The best way to learn anything is to understand it completely. To improve your understanding about any subject, it is important to first understand the basics of the subject you are studying. Always start by reading the easiest book to understand any topic. Many people pick up on the most complex books on the subject and think they will read it and understand it better than others. But because those books are complex, they often do not understand the subject.
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read the book again to remember
Being able to explain the topic to someone else. As soon as you start explaining it to someone else, you’ll quickly understand what you don’t know. Then go back to the books to clear that point and repeat it so that the point you were stuck on will also be understood. As soon as you are able to explain something to someone, it means that you have understood the topic.

memorize your points
Practice the second point over and over again. If you have tried to explain any topic to two people and are now trying to explain to the third person, then it means that you have almost memorized that topic. That is, explain to people on that topic again and again.
What happens is that your brain stores a little bit of everything and everything you do in each endeavor. With each repetition, your brain will have to struggle less to remember what it already remembers. In this way we can remember a lot of things in our mind.
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There is also some special way of repetition-
Write the same thing multiple times. You will realize that you think you know it but when you start writing it, you will feel that something is missing. Trying this method will show that you didn’t completely memorize what you started writing and you’ll have to look at the book again. This will lead to repetition and the memory will become better.

  • Explain the theory or topic to a friend. This is a great way to reiterate the topic. Doing this is not only the best way to study a subject, but you are also helping a friend.
  • You can record what you want to remember and listen to it over and over again.
  • Listen to the things related to the topic from others. There are a lot of study material available on YouTube these days. Listen to many lectures on the same subject through this. This will help you maintain better memory. Increase the number of ways you understand the topic. The more methods, the more memory.
  • Overall, the power of repetition cannot be forgotten. Think of it this way from a story- a doctor was treating a patient who had completely lost his memory, so much so that the patient had forgotten a lot about himself and the things in his house. The doctor gave her a toothbrush and applied the paste on it. The patient showed the doctor how to brush the teeth. Why didn’t he forget to brush? Just because he had repeated it so many times in his life that he didn’t even have to think about it.


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