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Study Abroad: Best College to Choose to Study Abroad? Take special care of these things


  • There are many benefits of studying abroad
  • Learn Tips for Shortlisting the University
  • Take special care of placement and fees in college

Best University For Study In Abroad: Want to study in foreign college, university but are confused while shortlisting the university of choice, then here we are telling you that study abroad How to set your priorities when looking for a university to do.

Shortlist the university by subject
Start your research based on the subjects you want to study. Based on this, identify your preferred Top 50 Universities. Use sources such as US News, Times Higher Education, Top Universities and Forbes to determine rankings. In addition to keeping in mind your interest in graduation, consider employment opportunities as well. Subjects like engineering, computer science, mathematics or economics are most popular.

High School Grade and Standardize Scores
Compare your grades and standardize test scores (such as the SAT and ACT). Check the class average of the university you have chosen. Your SAT/ACT score must be above the 75th percentile. Also make sure that your language proficiency (TOEFL / IELTS) score is also higher than the minimum requirement. However, academic qualification is not the only factor that universities consider for admission. But even then international students with low grades and low marks in standardized tests make their chances of getting admission in college very low.
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Check all the detailed syllabus thoroughly
In each university, students can also choose from many other courses in their preferred branch. For this, go through the detailed syllabus of all and identify which course interests you the most. For example, students interested in economics at the University of Pennsylvania can choose behavioral economics, financial economics, mathematical economics, or other economics courses. To choose any subject, connect with the current students associated with it. Through these students you can get important information about colleges, research opportunities, career opportunities etc.

Know about job prospects after college
Find out about job opportunities, prospects of your favorite college students. Find out in which type of corporate companies they have got jobs with what salary package. Consider the STEM eligibility status of your preferred colleges. For example, some universities consider economics to be a STEM subject and some universities do not. An undergraduate student graduating from a STEM major is eligible to work for 36 months on a student visa (OPT).

12 months visa is available for non-STEM. Remember that your job prospects depend on the degree of your college and course, so it is important to do research at a major level. Fields like law are country specific whereas it is difficult to find a job in it as an international student. Lack of visas also makes it difficult for international students to work as freelancers or work for startups.
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estimate total cost
Estimate the total cost (COA) at the university you have chosen. The total expenses for graduation include tuition fees, living expenses and personal expenses. Typically, the total COA for international students is $180,000 (₹1,33,56,000) for the entire 4-year period excluding any scholarships and financial assistance. Remember that you can substantially reduce the overall cost through merit-based scholarships and financial help. Before shortlisting the universities, research the scholarships, financial help offered to international students over the years.

Pay attention to class size too
In some colleges, popular courses have 200-300 students per semester. On the other hand, some colleges also have less than 10 students per class. Understand which environment is better for you and shortlist universities accordingly. Note, first year classes can have 200-300 students per class, but the number of students per class will drop from second year onwards. This factor is important as it determines the level of interaction between students and professors. Student-professor engagement is always high when the class size is small, it is natural to decrease when the class size is high. Talk to current students or alumni from different universities in the US or UK to understand this.

University Location
Along with the university, its location is also very important. It can bring a positive change in the career of any student. For example, students in New York have opportunities to interact regularly with Wall-Street professionals. Students from LA, Silicon Valley and Seattle are closer to the technology sector. Apart from this, the climate of the campus and social life are also important which should be in your favour.

Keep these things in mind before shortlisting the university

  • You must have above the 75th percentile on the Standardize Test Scores (SAT/ACT).
  • Language frequency test score should be above the required cut off.
  • College town/city you like.
  • You are comfortable with the mood of the weather there.
  • Do you like the class size?
  • The course curriculum should match your academic and career interest.
  • Are you satisfied with the starting average salary of the students of the course and college you are going to graduate from.
  • You are able to bear the cost of doing the course.


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