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Stop using these 4 hair oils, otherwise you may become bald, beauty will remain


Let us tell you that camphor oil can damage the hair roots.
Use of lemon oil in hair can also be harmful.

Worst Oils For Hair Fall: Thick, black and long hair is desired by everyone. For this, we not only keep our diet healthy, but also do all the work so that the health of the hair remains good. Oiling is generally considered very important in the hair care routine in winter. To overcome the problem of dryness, hair spice is also advised for 1 to 2 days in a week. In such a situation, choosing the right oil for hair is very important. If you use the wrong oil for hair oiling, then instead of strengthening the hair, it can weaken it and hair may start falling from the root.

Here we are telling you which hair oil you should not use to keep away the problem of baldness.

These 4 oils can be dangerous for hair

lemon oil
healthshot According to, if you are using lemon oil in your hair after seeing the advertisements, then let us tell you that it can also spoil the health of your hair. Actually, the acid level in lemon oil is very high, which can work to shrink the hair. In such a situation, if your hair is falling, then avoid using lemon oil.

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camphor oil
Many people claim that camphor oil increases hair growth. While it can prove to be very dangerous for the hair. Actually, it can make the hair scalp dry and the problem of itching, rash, fungal etc. can start on the skin. Due to which hair starts getting damaged gradually and hair can fall rapidly.

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olive oil
Many people suggest that by using olive oil in the hair, the hair can be conditioned better, which makes the hair soft and soft. But let us tell you that olive oils are very greasy which can easily block hair pores. Cleaning them is also not an easy task. They stick to the hair for a long time, which can work to make the hair thinner. That’s why it would be better not to use it as hair oil.

castor oil
Castor oil is also being used as a beauty oil. But let us tell you that by applying this oil in the hair, the hair becomes more tangled. Not only this, it can also work to make hair frizzy. That’s why it will be better that you use it with care.

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