Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

Stolen phone? To keep your money safe, do these 8 things immediately, otherwise you will be poor

Things To Do After Mobile Lost: Smartphones have become an important part of our life, some important information is saved in our phone such as mobile wallet and online banking details. A new trend is being seen globally that thieves are now stealing mobile phones to steal banking details and other personal data instead of making money by selling the device.

In such a situation, it is better to think about how to protect your money from online fraud after the mobile is stolen than to worry about the phone. Today we are going to tell you 8 such things which you have to do immediately after the mobile phone is stolen so that your money will be safe and no one can misuse them.

Block mobile banking and internet access
As soon as your mobile is stolen or lost, immediately call the bank and block all your online banking services so that no one can access it. If a wrong person has accessed your bank account, then they can easily transfer money because they can do so through OTP on the number running in your mobile. That is why it is very important to block the SIM as we told you.

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call to telecom operator
First of all, you have to call your telecom operator and get your SIM card blocked immediately, that’s because thieves can’t access the OTP coming for your financial services or say your private messages. Of course, you can use with a new SIM card, but until you get a new SIM, no one misuses your SIM, for this it is necessary to block.

Do this work by visiting Aadhaar Center
If a wrong person gets access to your Aadhaar authentication, they can do a lot of wrong things. In such a situation, it is advisable to go to the Aadhaar Center immediately after the phone is stolen and get your mobile number changed immediately.

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Go to the bank and do this important work
It is advised not to use the same mobile number again for banking services after the phone is stolen. First of all, go to the bank and give your other mobile number and then change all your passwords and then only use Internet Banking.

block mobile wallet
Immediately after the mobile is stolen, block Google Pay, Paytm and other wallets linked to your stolen number by calling the mobile wallet service provider linked to your mobile number through the app or by calling the verified helpdesk.

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Block social media accounts and email services
Deactivate whatever email IDs and social media accounts are linked with your stolen number, by doing this no wrong person will be able to scam and target your loved ones.

Also do these things related to UPI linked to bank account
Always keep one thing in mind that after blocking the online banking service, do not forget to deactivate UPI and deactivate any mobile wallet linked with your stolen number.

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Go to the nearest police station and complete this important work
After saving your money after mobile theft, go to the nearest police station and report the incident of theft. Not only this, do not forget to take a copy of the FIR as you may need it to get the bank, new SIM card and give it to the wallet company.


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