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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Stay and food at this place in Rishikesh is absolutely free, arrangements for night stay are also made.

Rishikesh: Rishikesh situated in Uttarakhand is a holy pilgrimage site. Many temples and ghats are established here. Every temple has its own interesting history and importance. It is said that all the devotees who start the pilgrimage visit the temples of Rishikesh once. Along with this, there is a Gurudwara near the main market of Rishikesh. Everyone knows this Gurudwara by the name of Hemkund Sahib Management Trust, which works as a gateway for the devotees and Chardham pilgrims traveling to Hemkund Sahib. It also provides them free accommodation and food facilities.

50 year old Gurudwara of Rishikesh
In a special conversation with Local 18, the manager of this Gurudwara, Darshan Singh, told that this Gurudwara is located near the main market of Rishikesh, which is known as Hemkund Sahib. It acts as a gateway for all the people visiting Hemkund Sahib and Char Dham. This Gurudwara located in Rishikesh is about 50 years old. Since years, free facilities for the stay of saints and devotees have been organized in this Gurudwara. There are about 350 rooms here for everyone’s relaxation, in which they are provided free food and other facilities.

free accommodation facility
Darshan Singh told that be it Hemkund Sahib or Char Dham Yatra, all the devotees definitely visit Rishikesh and staying here is free for all the devotees coming to Rishikesh. Everyone can leave from here the next day after overnight rest. Talking about facilities, langar is available here all three times. Everyone can enjoy delicious and free food here. The people staying here are provided with free tea, mattresses, fans and other useful items in the rooms. No money is demanded from the devotees staying here. Along with this, the food prepared here is also sent to AIIMS Hospital in Rishikesh every day. The Gurudwara provides free food to the patients and their families who come to take care of them.

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