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Squint: Do not ignore this problem of children’s eyes, it can be dangerous

Squint Effects: Often the problem of squint is seen in the eyes of small children. In this problem, the children are looking at one side but the person in front feels that they are looking at the other side. Sometimes this problem is also seen in older people. Let us know every information related to this disease and its proper treatment.

what is strabismus

The problem of squint or crookedness in the eyes of children is called Strabismus in the language of medical science. Sometimes there is a slight difference in it, but in reality it changes the face to a great extent. In many cases even eyesight is affected. According to health experts, if this problem is treated at the right time, then it can be cured soon.

Why there is squint in the eyes of children

congenital problem The child gets this problem right after birth.

Hereditary- Having a problem of squint in the family even before birth.

from injury- Any kind of injury or disease also causes squint.

treatment for strabismus

glasses or glasses

The problem of strabismus can be reduced to a great extent by applying the right size glasses on the eyes. For this, after consulting a doctor, children can wear glasses.

botulism toxin injection or botox

Botulism toxin injection or Botox injection is given through the most suitable muscle on the upper surface of the eyes. Doctors often recommend using this method in case the specific cause of squint is not identified.

vision therapy

Vision therapy is used to improve brain-eye co-ordination and muscle control. This also helps in improving the focal of the eyes. Doctors move towards surgery only in the event of any kind of treatment method not working.

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