Monday, May 29th, 2023

Special new chip will be available in iPhone 14 which will remove battery problems

new Delhi. Many news are coming out about the iPhone 14. This phone may come with better battery life than the iPhone 13 as Apple is reportedly planning to replace the 5G chips for this year’s iPhone. According to a report, Apple Will be on TSMC’s side for new 5G RF chips in the iPhone coming later this year. TSMC, one of the largest smartphone chip-manufacturing companies, has recently cornered Samsung with its advanced technology. These 5G chips consume less power and Apple may have chosen TSMC as its new suppliers for 5G RF chips.

The report notes that TSMC’s new 5G chips use the 6nm architecture, which was first announced at the TSMC Technology Forum last year. These are smaller in size than Samsung’s chips and better in terms of battery consumption. This means that Apple will be able to further solve the battery drain problem with the iPhone 14. Apple did a lot of work to improve the power consumption on the iPhone 13. But with the iPhone 14, the company wants it even better.

Talking about the main matters for flagship phones, one of them is the high power consumption. Since these top-end phones come with advanced technologies for display, processor and cameras, battery life is mostly ignored. In other words, manufacturers don’t pay as much attention to the battery of their flagship phones as the display or cameras. This doesn’t mean that every manufacturer ignores battery life. Perhaps the easiest way to solve this problem is to put a bigger battery in the phone. But the high efficiency batteries are heavy and this is one of the reasons why many manufacturers avoid maintaining the premium look of their flagship phones.

Apple probably thinks it can go a step further in improving battery life this year, and has chosen TSMC to help. The smaller 5G chips from TSMC are expected to deliver better performance with minimal battery consumption. But 5G chips still consume more power than 4G chips. This is why Apple recommends turning off 5G when it is not needed. The battery capacity of the upcoming iPhone 14 is not yet known but we can definitely expect this year’s iPhone to last longer than the iPhone 13.


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