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Sonu Sood Birthday: Fans are fascinated by Sonu Sood’s strong acting and six pack abs, know his fitness mantra

Sonu Sood B’day Special: Actor Sonu Sood, who has made his mark in the film industry and has made the audience crazy by playing both hero-villain roles, is celebrating his 48th birthday today. He was born on July 30, 1973 in Moga, Punjab. He studied engineering before starting his career in acting. Then traveled from South Cinema to Bollywood. Sonu Sood is not only known for his strong acting, but he has also been garnering praise for his body and fitness.

Sonu Sood strictly maintains the workout routine and works out daily without losing a single day. Also, pay full attention to your diet. Let’s know about Sonu Sood’s workout routine and his daily diet-

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diet plan
workoutinfoguru According to a report, Sonu is a vegetarian but eats eggs and his diet includes protein rich in grains and pulses. At the same time, he does not drink alcohol and does not smoke either. Apart from this, their morning diet consists of fresh fruit juices, fruits etc. He eats an omelet made of 8 egg whites for breakfast. In lunch, we take lentils, roti, vegetables and a bowl of curd. Then there is a brown bread sandwich for the evening snack. Talking about their dinner, it usually consists of soup, salad, vegetables and chapatis. Also, he takes his protein shake with salad and sprouts after a workout.

stay fit like this
Sonu Sood considers himself a fitness freak. He regularly goes to the gym and works out for 2 hours. At the same time, he keeps changing his exercise every week. Sonu Sood’s workout routine includes-

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Sonu Sood does cardio exercise for 20 minutes. At the same time, he works out for 20 minutes for abs. Also jogging for 40 minutes. Apart from this, when he goes out for shooting and when he is not able to do gym, he runs or goes for a long walk. He also practices kickboxing for 15-20 days every two months.

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