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Sometimes people used to make fun of being chubby, after eating parathas in breakfast, this scholar reduced 24 Kg weight in a year

The 29-year-old research scholar Munmun Bhasin was hesitant to interact socially because of the chubbiness in her group. The people around were making fun of him and trolling him all the time. These actions of the people had made his mental condition worse. It was then that Munmun realized that it was time to focus on himself. So after a year of hard work, he lost 24 kg. To know how this journey of losing weight was, read this inspirational weight loss story of Munmun.

  • Name- munmun bhasin
  • Ages- 29 years
  • business- research scholar
  • height- 5 feet 3 inches
  • Recorded weight – 87 kg
  • lose weight- 24 kg
  • Weight loss time 1 year

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turning point

Munmun says that when I used to see my slim-fit friends around me, I used to feel very awkward in the group. Even though it didn’t particularly impress me, my self-confidence started to wane due to being fat. He was hesitant to talk to the people around. It used to be that the first thing people noticed about me was my increased weight. It was nothing less than an embarrassment to me. Few examples like this gave me the courage to do something that makes me happy and I feel positive.

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  1. Breakfast- Two boiled egg whites with vegetable oats or a paratha with vegetable cooked in a bowl of desi ghee.
  2. lunch-1 bowl with seasonal vegetables, lentils, curd, rice eating wheat bread did. As a salad, opt for paneer or tofu salad.
  3. dinner- Vegetable Oats Sandwich with two bowls of egg whites.
  4. Pre-workout meal Soaked almonds and raisins with a banana.
  5. post workout meal Taking egg white or protein shake is a good option.
  6. low calorie recipe Fried vegetables with low fat paneer, with lemon Sprout Salad And took low fat yoghurt with dry roasted seeds, nuts and apples.

Do not eat wheat bread for weight loss, amazing effect will be seen in a few days

Secret Workout

Cardio is the workout that Munmun chose primarily to lose weight. It is a good way to start the day for any exercise. It is not very fancy if seen, but definitely helps you to be trending.

Munmun says that she combined cardio with strength training 6 days a week. HIIT helped me a lot in increasing my workout stamina. Since Cardio is the best option for fat lossBut it also helps to tone and strengthen the muscles. Munmun says that it is very important to have focus and patience before starting any exercise routine.

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fitness routine

To follow a diet for fitness, it is necessary to understand whether it is suitable for your body or not. It is better to do slow workouts instead of high speed workouts that harm your body.

What problems did you face while being overweight?

Due to being overweight, it used to get tired very quickly in doing any kind of physical activity. Apart from this, it was not a very good experience for me to hear people’s taunts like they are eating and drinking at home. I was ridiculed and threatened many times. But these words of people had a great impact on me and it inspired me to move on the path of fitness.

change in lifestyle

to lose weight Many changes have to be made in the lifestyle. Munmun did the same. The biggest change for him was to be physically active. Munmun says that in my spare time, instead of sticking to mobile, TV or laptop, I used to do outdoor activities. So choose any activity of your choice and make it a habit.

Lessons learned from weight loss

You don’t have to compete with anyone else to achieve anything. Compete with yourself to reach your goals. more than physical keep yourself mentally fit needed. In this weightloss journey, Munmun celebrated every little possible success. This helped him to overcome the obstacles in a luxurious and thrilling experience.

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Disclaimer: What worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following this article and find out what works best for your body.


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