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Some such beautiful hill stations of Pakistan, seeing which you will also say ‘I wish partition had not happened’

There was a time when the country of Pakistan used to be a part of India. But then as soon as the partition happened in 1947, this country got separated from India. In the partition, many things remained in India, but there were some such beautiful places, which went into Pakistan’s court. There will be many of you who will have all the information about your favorite place, but very few people know about the tourist places of Pakistan. So, today we are going to tell you about some such beautiful hill stations in this summer season, after seeing which you will say, I wish this partition had not happened!

beauty of swat valley

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II once visited Pakistan, when she saw the Swat Valley of Pakistan, she named it ‘Switzerland’. The Swat Valley is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The natural beauty here surprises people so much that they do not even need to go abroad. Forests, high hills and beautiful lakes will win your heart to see here. (All photos below courtesy: wikimedia commons)

About Naran Kagan

Naran Kagan is a beautiful valley in Pakistan, located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Naran and Kaghan are tourist places to visit, if you are a nature lover, then surely you will like this place very much in the pictures. People often come here to enjoy the flowing rivers, meadows, snow-laden hills and attractive lakes. Let me tell you, thousands and millions of tourists come here from all over the world.

Shogran Valley

Shogran is a small but beautiful hill station in the Kagan region. This place is surrounded by its luxury hotels, the arrangement for stay here is very correct. Let us tell you that during the summer thousands of tourists come to visit Shogran. You can see grasslands, high hills in the attractions here. Not only this, adventure activities like trekking and hiking are also done here.

Skardu Valley

Skardu Valley is a very beautiful valley. The place is surrounded by natural beauty, beautiful waterfalls, blue lakes and rocky hills. The Skardu Valley also helps to connect Pakistan to China, Afghanistan and India. The valley attracts thousands of trekkers every year.

Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows is a very beautiful small hill station close to Nanga Parbat. It comes in Diyamar district of Gilgit Baltistan. With its immense beauty, Fairy Meadows comes in the most beautiful places of Pakistan. Here you can see the lakes as well as the snow-capped mountains.

Neelam valley is also beautiful

Neelum Valley is located in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The meaning of this valley is ‘Blue Gem Valley’. This valley comes in the most spectacular places of POK. Here you will see sweet water streams, crystal clear rivers and beautiful forests. You will easily find many homestays to stay in Neelam.

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