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Monday, July 15th, 2024

Sohail Khan and Sikandar Kher were throwing punches at each other, Ashmit Patel was beaten up, incident from a nightclub

Actor Ashmit Patel is making headlines due to his/her latest interview, in which he/she talked about everything from Mallika Sherawat to Sohail Khan and Sikander Kher’s fight. Ashmit told that once Sohail Khan and Sikander had a fight in a nightclub. he/she was trying to intervene, but in this process Ashmit Patel not only got hurt, but his/her relationship with Sikander Kher also got spoiled. he/she told Siddharth Kannan what had happened. This is the year 2005. At that time Sohail Khan, Ashmit Patel and Sikander Kher were in a nightclub. According to the report of ‘ETimes’, Sikander Kher made some bad comments about Sohail’s brother Salman. Sikander was then reportedly in a drunken state and Sohail got angry after listening to him/her. Both of them started fighting with each other.
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Sohail Khan and Sikander were throwing punches at each other in a nightclub

Ashmit Patel told that Sohail Khan and Sikandar were punching each other. When he/she tried to stop their fight, he/she also got punched. Ashmit Patel told, ‘There was a fight between Sohail Khan and Sikandar Kher and I was not even involved in this fight. I was trying to separate them. I tried to take Sikandar away from there and I think he/she still holds a grudge against me. At that time he/she did not understand that I was trying to separate them. I actually took him/her out of the nightclub. he/she kept insisting to talk to Sohail Bhai. I said that this is not the right time and they can talk when everyone calms down a bit.’


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‘I was getting beaten up by both of them, Sikandar mistreated me and beat me up’

How did the relationship with Sikandar Kher deteriorate? Talking about this, Ashmit Patel said, ‘Then Sohail bhai came out and they punched each other again and I tried to stop them once again. At that time Sikandar pushed me and said, ‘Why are you getting involved? I was actually getting beaten up by both of them because when you are in the middle of a fight you get beaten up unknowingly. So then I got angry. I was trying to save him/her and he/she misbehaved with me, and hit me. Then I must have raised my hand on him/her. he/she is still against me.’

Career of Ashmit Patel and Sikandar Kher

It is known that after the film ‘Murder’, Ashmit appeared in many films, but those films did not do well. he/she does not have any film right now. Sikandar Kher recently made his/her Hollywood debut with Dev Patel’s ‘Monkey Man’.

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