Friday, February 23rd, 2024

Social media is slowly snatching our language from us

Saurabh Srivastava
Recently went to a workshop. The topic was – Hijr means separation, separation. People had to choose a partner and speak about Hijr for three minutes, then tell the listener what he/she understood. One of the most disconcerting things about the two-hour long speaking-listening exercise was that people were unable to put their thoughts into words. His sentences were breaking, wandering. Most of the people were trying to correct the sentences by saying ‘I mean to say’. It was clear from his face and body language that he wants to say a lot but is not able to say while this three minutes time is only for him to speak.

Let’s try to understand how this distance between people’s thoughts and sayings has arisen. Indeed, language demands practice. Does it mean that you have to practice speaking as well? We have been doing this everyday. I don’t mean the language you use in everyday work. The point here is to give words to thoughts. The speed with which the thoughts rush to the mind on a subject does not find the exact words to express them and to fill the void (vacuum) created between the dialogues, ‘Actually I want to say that… The meaning of saying is that… I mean to say…’ like fillers are used. Remember your grandparents, grandparents. Did he get stuck like this while giving you life lessons? In most cases no. He used to explain the meaning of life to you in precise words in a very simple way. For this, he used to use stories many times so that the matter could be understood properly.

Actually behind this famine of words is the language of social media. I am very sad today – instead of saying you 🙁 Let’s make it. to express happiness 😊 Let’s use Here language is changing into symbols instead of words and sounds. what kind of sadness? Or how much is happiness? You don’t need to find more words to express it. These emoji eliminate the possibility of going into the detail of sadness or happiness. The other side is even more important. While sending a message to someone, we do not feel the presence of the listener. ‘I love you.’ People muster up the courage to write this sentence on the messenger, but the tongue falters in speaking this sentence in front of that person, because they do not have the courage to face its reaction. It is clear that social media is slowly taking away our language from us, so put the phone aside and start practicing talking to people face to face.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own.

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