Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

…so that every line starts with a woman – Presswire18

Sonam Luvvanshi

Wherever there is a queue in front of a window, there is a separate queue for women apart from men. There is no such rule, but women avail this facility for security reasons. If women want to become equal to men, then first they will have to change their thinking that they need separate lines everywhere. In reality, women are not equal to men, they are far ahead of them. Women are a source of talent and potential, capable of achieving any goal despite the existence of social conventions.

meaning of equality

Women are not less than men in any matter of life. Some people believe that women should have equal rights as men in society. Whereas, the reality is that the male society considers giving them equality only to the extent of providing them facilities. The question is why do women need to raise their level by competing with men? Women don’t need empowerment at all! Women do not need encouragement from male society. They are capable of accepting any challenge themselves. Instead of focusing efforts on gender equality, society’s views changed. Inspire to accept that women can achieve anything. Provided that social barriers are not created for them.

Facing challenges and restrictions

Women have to face challenges in the society since birth. The tradition of tying in restraints is started right from the tender age. They learn from an early stage of life how to sacrifice their happiness for the sake of their family. There are restrictions on giving higher education to girls, if they have more then they are advised to take up arts or home science. In rural areas, families still hesitate in sending their daughters to school and college due to concerns about safety due to old beliefs and lack of basic facilities. But, there are many examples when they broke the stereotypes and excelled in education.

Partnership and Development

According to the National Family Health Survey (NHFS-4) report released by the Union Health Ministry, every third woman above 15 years of age in the country has faced domestic violence. This figure shows that the challenges of women are not only external but also domestic. If you look at it, women are always worried about their safety. According to a study by UNGC, increasing women’s participation in the labor force to the same level as men could increase the country’s GDP by 27 percent. According to this study, female labor force participation in the country has declined from 34 percent in 2006 to 24.8 percent in 2020. The major factor in this decline is gender imbalance. Organizations avoid hiring female employees to save administrative costs like cabs, maternity benefits for women.

Work difficulties and discrimination

According to a study by Catalyst India, the gender-based pay gap in India is very high. Despite similar tasks and working hours, women in the industry are underpaid. No matter how many claims are made about women’s equality in the country, the ground reality is just the opposite. Despite advocacy of equal pay policies, this situation has not improved. Women workers face difficulties in obtaining maternity leave and time off to fulfill their family responsibilities. Even on some difficult days, working becomes a compulsion. Many times, male colleagues start raising questions on one’s character.

additional liability

The above situations cause suffering and humiliation for women. As a result of all this, women always keep the burden of extra care in their mind while dealing with people at the workplace. There are many topics of women empowerment which can make their lives better. Women do not need social support to do or achieve anything; But society must learn how to act morally as an empathetic human being. Despite the obstacles, women can become politicians, as well as officers, athletes, astronauts, and hold senior positions in the armed forces and business organizations. It shows how women are stronger than men.

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