Sunday, May 28th, 2023

So many facilities are available in train ticket from patient person to students, just need to know these things

In today’s time, we and you know very well how important the train has become for everyone. We middle class people do not see any other cheaper way than train to go from one state to another or from one city to another. This is the reason why it is called the lifeline of India. But if we ask you that have you ever come across or taken advantage of the discounts available while buying train tickets, then what would you say?
You will not have the answer to this question, because you will often leave such things. Come, then today we give you some information related to this, with the help of which you can get a discount of 200-300.

If you want discount on train ticket then know these rules –

  • You can get discount on train tickets in any way, it is very important to keep some information.
  • You have to go to the railway counter to get the discount on train tickets. You will not be able to take advantage of this facility online. However, persons with disabilities can avail the same by going online with the proof.
  • Passengers can enjoy only one type of discount at a time.
  • Exemption is given only if a person is traveling a distance of more than 300 kms.
  • After taking the exemption, if any person wants to get on the way, then you have to inform the TT about this.

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Discount on train tickets for traveling patients

Yes, Indian Railways offers huge discounts on train tickets for patients. There is a discount of about 40% to 60% in this. However, this benefit can be enjoyed by those people who are taking a patient to a government hospital in another city and want to go back home. In this category, if the patient books a ticket in AC or sleeper class, then he is given a discount.

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Train Tickets for Persons with Disabilities –

When the sick person is getting exemption, then the disabled also come in this category. A person with a disability can get a discount of about 25% on train tickets. When getting tickets made for this, do show your certificate. It is said that the person accompanying the disabled person in the category is also given exemption. This benefit is also given to them in AC and sleeper class.

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Discount on train tickets for students

Many students take advantage of this facility. If a student has come to study in other states, and wants to come home, then he will be given a discount on the train ticket. For this you have to fill two forms in the college. After filling the form, give one to the college and the other to the ticket counter. Keep in mind while making tickets, you must have a college ID card.

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