Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

Smartphone companies’ arbitrariness! Why Indians do not have Earthquake Alert feature!

New Delhi. When a major incident happens in India, then the government and agencies come into action mode. When famous people like Cyrus Mistry and Rishabh Pant have a car accident, the government talks about changing the safety rules. But before that the car companies are given a free hand. One such case is being seen in the case of smartphones. Actually smartphone companies are introducing earthquake alert feature in many countries. But currently this feature is not in active mode in India. earthquake alert feature
Smartphone companies are providing earthquake alert feature in phones for food supply. But this feature is not in active mode, while many companies do not even provide this feature in the phone. As it is known that apart from the northeastern states of India, the coastal areas fall in the most dangerous zone of earthquakes, where earthquakes can wreak havoc at any time. Earthquake tremors are often felt in India. But the earthquake alert feature in the phone is not being made mandatory by the government. The earthquake alert feature is not provided in smartphones sold in India. The same smartphones in which earthquake alert feature is given, it does not work in India.

Earthquake alert feature is not in active mode
In fact, the Earthquake Alerts feature is given in the Safety & Emergency section in the Settings option of smartphones in India. When this feature is turned on, a message will be displayed that this service is currently not available in India. In such a situation, the question arises that why this feature is not given in India? How the smartphone companies are being allowed to do whatever they want by the government. Why Earthquake Alert feature is not being made mandatory by Telecom Regulatory of India i.e. TRAI. While India comes in the most dangerous earthquake zone.

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