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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Skin cancer due to tanning? Know what the experts say

Actually, the relation between skin and its colour is very old. From the British to all the exploiting classes, it has been used as a weapon. Not only this, in wedding advertisements also, the demand is more for those who have fair complexion. People may still take pride in their fair complexion, but it is also true that the fairer the complexion, the more affected they are by the sun.

Yes, some skin related problems also increase during summer and rainy season. Due to this, one may have to face many types of problems. What are those problems and what are their solutions? Lokesh K. Bharti is telling about this after taking information from the best experts of the country.

What did the expert say?

The outermost part of our body is the skin. It is the skin that comes in contact with the sun, rain and cold first. Therefore, the skin is the first part of our body to be affected by these things. The colour of the skin also depends to a great extent on our geographical location. For example, you must have noticed that people living in the mountains are generally fair skinned. Whereas people living in the plains are of mixed or dark complexion.

When Swaroop got tensed

Swaroop is 32 years old. he/she works in a private company. Due to his/her job, he/she has to roam around the city in all seasons. Due to excessive exposure to sunlight, his/her skin color (below the arm) started becoming slightly darker. Since he/she is fair skinned, this change in the skin was clearly visible. On this, someone he/she knew told him/her that this type of tanning can also cause cancer. So he/she should definitely pay attention to this. he/she got scared after listening to his/her acquaintance. Swaroop quickly decided to meet a dermatologist. he/she reached the doctor.

what did the doctor say?

Swaroop showed the tanned part to the doctor. The doctor said that there is nothing to worry about. You roam around in the sun a lot, that is why it has become dark. There is no question of skin cancer in this and neither do you have any symptoms of skin cancer. Even though you are fair, but the number is much less than the Europeans. There are more cases of skin cancer in foreign countries (Europe, America etc.) because the people there are very fair i.e. white.
In our country, cases of skin cancer due to sunlight (UV rays) are very rare. Yes, problems like tanning and sunburn do exist. The doctor suggested Swaroop to apply a good sunscreen before going out or cover his/her arms with a cloth. This will gradually reduce. After hearing these things, Swaroop’s fear reduced. he/she started applying sunscreen.

There are also types of UV rays

Sun rays emit three types of ultraviolet (UV) rays
1. UV A- These are the most dangerous rays, which reach deep into the skin and help in causing wrinkles.
Plays an important role.
2. UV B- These are less dangerous than UV A. Sunscreen is needed only to protect against UV A and UV B.
3. UV-C These rays cannot reach us. They are already reflected by the ozone layer before reaching the earth, i.e. they are sent back.

The body also has its own sunscreen

Our skin has a pigment called melanin, which can be called a natural sunscreen. As soon as our body is exposed to a high amount of UV rays, the melanin pigment starts coming towards the upper surface of the skin. Due to this, UV rays are unable to reach inside the skin and do not cause any harm. We usually need sunscreen when the skin color starts becoming darker due to excessive melanin production or a sunburn occurs due to lack of melanin in the skin.

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