Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

Sisters of Livelihood Mission are no longer weak but strong: Chief Minister Chouhan

Bhopal : Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that the sisters of Livelihood Mission have now become strong instead of weak. Earlier, a woman’s job was to prepare bread at home, live in poverty and suppress the pain in her heart. But now days have changed. The sisters of Livelihood Mission are doing better work than men in many places. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was addressing the Women Self-Help Group Conference and the state level 1400 Scooty and loan distribution program at the Jamboree Ground. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that he has come to earth to do good to his sisters and daughters. Now the sisters will not remain poor, will not shed tears. Will write her destiny with her own hands. She will become rich, earn money and live a life of respect. Shivraj bhaiya will never leave his sisters. I will remain connected to my sisters as long as I live.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan distributed 1400 scooties to the sisters of women’s cluster level organizations to work as environment friends. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan made the sisters wear helmets with his own hands in the form of blessings and wished them all the best. Cluster Level Federation has been formed to make people aware about the environment at the rural level. The members of this federation have been named Paryavaran Mitra. Environment friends will work to encourage tree plantation and conservation of biodiversity, to fulfill the need of organic fertilizers in villages at local level, to reduce the use of chemical pesticides, to take measures for land and water conservation including natural farming and organic farming. .

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Chief Minister Shri Chouhan distributed bank checks of the loan amount to the beneficiaries of women self-help groups. A check of Rs 20 lakh was given to the sisters of Kanchan Self-Help Group of Bhopal and a check of Rs 10 lakh was given to the sisters of Maa Lakshmi Aajeevika Self-Help Group of Raisen. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also got a group photograph taken with the sisters who presented dance drama and sang songs.

Will make the daughter a blessing and not a burden

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that everyone should celebrate the birth of a daughter, hence Ladli Lakshmi Yojana was started. It was decided in the plan that if a daughter is born then she will be born a millionaire. It was decided that daughters would be a blessing and not a burden. If a daughter is born then dear Lakshmi, if she goes to school then books are free, if she goes to another village then she gets a bicycle. In this way, the entire arrangement for education and the responsibility of marriage after growing up is also being taken up under the Chief Minister Kanyadan Yojana.

Describing the efforts for women empowerment in the state, Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the sisters of the state are being given 50% reservation in civic elections and teacher recruitment, 30% in police recruitment and 35% in other recruitments. Exemption in registration fee is being given if land or house is registered in the name of the woman of the house. Respect in the house has increased through Ladli Brahmin Yojana. The sisters of women self-help groups have proved their support in every field. Just as the work of collecting toll tax has been given to the sisters of the self-help group, similarly in the coming time, other tasks will also be given to the sisters of the self-help group.

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While Chief Minister Shri Chouhan greeted the sisters of the self-help group by showering flowers, the sisters welcomed Chief Minister Shri Chouhan by singing auspicious songs. Motivating the sisters of the self-help groups, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan interacted with the sisters from different districts virtually. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan interacted with sister Sarvashree Rashmi Shukla from Sagar district, Lakshmi from Chhindwara, Mamta Chauhan from Balaghat and Rajkumari Verma from Satna. He inquired about the well-being of the sisters and inspired them to work towards women empowerment. During the program, dance drama and dance presentation focused on Livelihood Mission was given. A film focusing on the 10-year journey and achievements of the State Rural Livelihood Mission from 2013 to 2023 was also screened.

On this occasion, Additional Chief Secretary Panchayat and Rural Development Shri Malay Srivastava and Chief Executive Officer, Rural Livelihood Mission Shri M.L. Belwal along with departmental officers, self-help group member sisters and a large number of general public were present.

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