Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

Singapore Indian: No free Ramadan treat for Indians… Discrimination against Indian Muslim couple in Singapore

Singapore: A supermarket chain in Singapore has apologized after an Indian Muslim couple was turned away from a booth offering free refreshments to those breaking their fast during Ramzan. According to a report in The Stratus Times, Farah Nadya and her husband Jahanbar Shalih went to the Fairprice outlet in Tampines Hub at around 7 pm on April 9. while grocery shopping when an employee allegedly told her that the free treats were ‘not for Indians.’ Nadya, 35, is Malaysian-Indian and runs her own healthcare company, while her husband, 36, is an Indian who works in the technology sector. Shalih told The Straits Times that he/she was standing at a booth reading about the free refreshments when a Fairprice employee approached him/her and said “not for Indians, not for Indians”. Further, the employee asked the couple not to take anything from the stand, and told them to ‘get away from here.’

‘Didn’t intend to take free item’

Sharing her experience in a Facebook post, Nadya said that she did not intend to take the free item, and stopped at the stand to ‘appreciate such an inclusive initiative’. The couple said they shared on social media the experience of being ‘accountable’ to their children, who are of mixed race. ‘I’ve encountered things like this before, but this time I had to explain to my son what had happened,’ Salih told The Straits Times. I don’t think it is the fault of the employees. I think such things can happen, it is purely lack of awareness.

Stating that the statements of the concerned employees have been taken. A Fairprice spokesperson apologized for the incident, saying: ‘We take this matter very seriously.’ The Fairprice Group initiative, which started at the end of March and is running until 21 April, sees 60 Fairprice outlets giving away free drinks, snacks and dates to those breaking the fast during Ramadan.

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