Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

Silkyara Tunnel: Seeing the scene inside the tunnel, people left work and ran outside, panic among other workers engaged in rescue.

Rashmi Khatri, Dehradun: The workers, who were trying to save 41 laborers trapped inside the Silkyara Tunnel, themselves got scared after seeing the sight inside and left the work and came out of the tunnel. The working workers have asked the company officials to make adequate security arrangements.

NHIDCL is making an escape tunnel for the workers inside the tunnel. Whose work is in the final stage. Let us tell you that the soil inside the tunnel is quite friable at many places and is also filled with light water at many places. Due to which there is a danger of landslides.

After last week’s earthquake in Uttarkashi, the sound of cracking of rocks was heard inside the tunnel, due to which there was an atmosphere of fear among the laborers working there. At the same time, the workers working here got scared after seeing the scene inside the tunnel on Monday. He began to fear getting trapped there himself. On which he left the work and came out. He demanded further strengthening of security arrangements during the rescue operation.

NHIDCL Director Anshu Manish Khalkho said that an escape tunnel is being built for the safety of all the officers, employees and laborers working inside the tunnel. Blocks have also arrived for this. The work is in the final stages. He said that everyone’s safety is paramount for him. There is heavy dust during the rescue operation inside the tunnel, which is visible till the gate outside. Many officers and employees coming from inside are also saying that there is a lot of dust inside.

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He says that all the employees and laborers inside have been given masks. Drones were used to see the condition of the workers, but due to excessive dust inside, the pictures could not be clear. NHIDCL has ordered endoscopic cameras from Delhi. On Tuesday, these cameras will be brought inside through pipes. Director Khalkho said that when the workers will be able to see him through the cameras, they will also be able to see and understand the condition of the workers more closely.

These works will be done on Tuesday as part of rescue work

  • Drill machine of RVNL company will also be sent above the tunnel.
  • The drill machine of SJVN company will reach the top of the tunnel, which will take about 24 hours to install.
  • The work of running the auger machine inside the tunnel will be intensified again.
  • Efforts will be made to operate robots so that access to workers becomes easier.
  • Work will also be expedited from the other end of the tunnel, Barkot.
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