Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Shraddha case from dismembering shraddha to hiding Aftab made these 12 sensational revelations

Shraddha Murder Case

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Shraddha Murder Case – Photo: Amar Ujala/ANI

Another sensational revelation has been made on Sunday in the Shraddha murder case that shook the country. The accused, Aftab, had consumed ganja before chopping Shraddha’s body into pieces. If the drug subsided, he would again consume ganja. He did this many times to execute his plan. During interrogation, he revealed that he had brought ganja from Himachal Pradesh, which Shraddha was also aware of. He also used to drink ganja in Mumbai. A senior police officer of south district said that the accused Aftab told during interrogation that he had brought a large quantity of ganja from Himachal Pradesh to Delhi. It is also said that he did not consume ganja continuously. However, he was addicted to drugs.

Police took accused Aftab to the forest.

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Police took accused Aftab to the forest. – Photo: ANI

He says that Shraddha knew that he was addicted to ganja. She interrupted him on this. He said that he does not consume alcohol, only drinks beer.

Accused in police custody

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Accused in police custody – Photo: Amar UjalaOn May 18, when he strangled Shraddha to death, he brought several beers. He drank beer and then ordered food online. He had drunk beer even before committing the murder.

Shraddha (File photo)

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Shraddha (File photo) – Photo: Social MediaPolice sources said that such inputs have been received that the accused had purchased ganja in Delhi. After this, the police have detained many people selling ganja around Mehrauli. He is being interrogated.

Accused Aftab

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Accused Aftab – Photo: Amar UjalaPolice record statement of old landlady in
New Delhi. A Delhi Police team recorded the statement of Jayashree Patkar, the landlady in Mumbai where Aftab and Shraddha lived on rent. Both of them took this house as husband and wife. A team of Delhi Police is in Mumbai.

Shraddha walker murder case

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Shraddha walker murder case – Photo: Amar UjalaThe police have recorded statements of more than 10 people, including the landlady. This includes Shraddha’s friends and acquaintances. The police have also conducted a forensic examination of the Mumbai house.

Shraddha walker murder case

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Shraddha walker murder case – Photo: Amar Ujala

According to south district police officials, Shraddha and the accused Aftab had stayed in a rented accommodation in mumbai for about 10 months. These houses are in Regal Apartments in Basai. After this, he went on a trip to North India.

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