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Show smartgiri while buying Power Banks, how to identify real-fake, will always be in profit

Today Power Bank It has become the need of almost every smartphone user. In any journey, only power bank comes in handy when the smartphone is discharged. Power banks of many companies are present in the market these days, but the biggest question is which power bank to buy. Rajesh Bharti is telling about the precautions to be taken while buying a power bank and some power banks available in the market.

First of all, what is a power bank
A power bank is a device like a smartphone. It is slightly thicker and heavier than a smartphone. It has batteries. These batteries are charged in the same way as smartphones charge. Simply put, power is stored in it so that it can be used later.

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When the battery of a smartphone or tablet runs out and charging facilities are not around, a power bank can be used to charge a gadget like a smartphone. The battery capacity in a power bank is measured in mAh (milli ampere hour). In the market, power banks with mAh capacity of 20 thousand or more are present in the market. Its starting price is around 1000 rupees.

2 types of battery use
There are 2 types of batteries (Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer) used in the power bank. Every battery has an electrolyte. It contains electrons which generate current or say electricity. Based on these, batteries are divided into different categories.

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1. Lithium-Ion
In these, liquid is used as an electrolyte.
Due to the liquid electrolyte, the body of the lithium-ion battery has to be kept rigid. Because of this they are heavy in weight.
– There is a risk of exploding the battery if the battery gets too hot due to overcharging or temperature rise.
Its life is very short. The battery automatically discharges when not in use.

2. Lithium-polymer (Li-Po)
In these, semi-solid gel is used as an electrolyte.
They can also be made in the form of thin sheets such as smart cards. They are light in weight.
Even when overcharged, it does not get very hot and the risk of it bursting is negligible.
– Their life is very long. The battery automatically discharges when not in use. That is, a lithium-polymer battery is better.

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Be sure to check the input while charging
Before charging the power bank, read the instructions written on it properly.
Input 5V-1A, Input 5V-2A etc. is written on the cover of the power bank. The power bank should be charged with an adapter of the same capacity. Input means how much power the power bank will charge with.

At the same time, the adapter is the part of the charger that is installed in the socket on the power board. The input capacity is also written on the adapter. Suppose the input is written 5V-2A on a power bank, then charge it with an adapter with 5V-2A input capability. If you charge the power bank with an adapter with 5V-1A input capacity, it will charge in a long time. On the other hand, if you charge with an adapter with 5V-3A capacity, it will reduce the battery life of the power bank.

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It is also written on the cover of the power bank that in how much time it will be fully charged. If not written then LED lights are installed on the power bank. Suppose, if 4 LED lights are installed on the power bank and out of these only 1 light is lit, then it means that only 25% of the power is left in the power bank.

Put it on charging. When all the four lights start flashing, then understand that the power bank is fully charged. The power bank with 10,000 mAh battery capacity gets fully charged in 3 to 4 hours. Power banks that support fast charging are also in the market, which get fully charged in about 1 to 2 hours.

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Show smartgiri in buying power bank
Battery Capacity: When buying a power bank, check its battery capacity first. Buy a power bank with about 3 times the battery capacity of your smartphone. Suppose, you have a smartphone with 4000 mAh battery capacity, then you should buy a power bank with at least 10,000 mAh battery capacity so that the smartphone can be charged at least 2 times in a crisis. The battery capacity of the power bank is written on its cover.

View Ports: At present, 2 to 4 ports are coming in the power bank. Here the ports mean that the smartphone or other device is charged by plugging the USB cable into the port of the power bank. In this case, if the power bank has more than one port, then more than one smartphone or device can be charged from the power bank.

In such a situation, buy only a power bank with more than 1 port. Now such power banks are also coming in the market in which there is no need to install USB cable. These have inbuilt USB Micro B, USB Type C and Lightning (for iPhone) cables. With these cables, you can charge the smartphone or other device directly by connecting it.

Fast Charging: Fast charging support is coming not only in smartphones, but also in power banks. So buy a power bank that has fast charging facility. Sometimes fast charging becomes very convenient in the power bank in times of crisis.

output voltage: Always buy a power bank whose output voltage is equal to or higher than the output voltage of your charger. The output voltage is written on each charger’s adapter. If the output is 5V-2A written on the adapter, then you should also buy a power bank with 5V-2A or 5V-3A output. If you charge the smartphone with a power bank with low output voltage capability, it will charge late.

Also take care of power bank
Always keep the power bank at room temperature, that is, do not keep it in a place where sunlight comes or heat is generated from gas or heater or other things. If the power bank gets hot in this way, it affects its efficiency.
– Fully charge the new power bank before using it. Some companies ask to charge the power bank for 8 to 10 hours at first. This is so that the electrodes present in the battery of the power bank start working fully in the first place and the circuit of the power bank also becomes fully active.
Keep the power bank away from moisture. Exposure to moisture can cause sparks in the power bank to break its circuit or affect the battery life.
When the power bank is fully charged, stop charging it. Power banks get hot when over charged. This has a bad effect on their battery. Now power banks with auto power cut are also coming, which stop taking current when fully charged.

How to identify genuine and fake power banks
There are also a lot of fake power banks that look real in the market. Gurjit Singh, Director, Global Group, says that while buying any power bank, definitely check the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) registration number on it. This number is given by the government, which is the recognition that that power bank has come in the market after passing through many quality tests. If it is a power bank of the original company, then both its cover and the power bank will have a logo (as shown in the photo) and the number R-XXXXXXXX will be written just below it. This number can be anything, like R-12345678 or something. This is the hallmark of a real and good quality power bank.

Some power banks are as follows
Battery: 10,000 mAh
Price: Rs 2,699
– It can be charged by connecting any type of cable, either USB Micro B or USB Type C.
– It has over voltage and short circuit protection. Its body is compact and very less in weight. It can also be carried easily by keeping it in the pocket of the paint.
– It takes 4-5 hours to get fully charged.
– There is no inbuilt charging cable to charge the smartphone or any other device. A separate USB cable will be required to charge the device.

2. U&i CHARTER (UiPB 2421)
Battery: 10,000 mAh
Price: Rs 2,999
– It is dust proof and fire proof. It also comes with an intelligent safety system that protects the device from overcharging, high temperature and short circuit.
With this, 6 devices can be charged simultaneously. Apart from 2 USB ports, it also has 4 inbuilt charging cables. These also include USB Micro B, USB Type C and Lightning cables.
– Battery capacity is quite less as compared to 4 inbuilt charging cables and 2 USB ports. The battery capacity should have been higher.
Price is a bit high considering the low battery capacity.

3. Powerup Wireless
Battery: 10,000 mAh
Price: Rs 2,999
In this, wireless technology has been given for device charging, that is, by keeping it on the surface, you can also charge such a smartphone or device, which does not require any kind of cable.
Fast charging facility has been given in this, that means it charges the smartphone or any other device fast.
It has only two USB ports. More ports are also coming in this range.
– There is no inbuilt charging cable to charge the smartphone or other device. A separate USB cable will be required for charging.

Battery: 10,000 mAh
Price: Rs 1,699
Inbuilt 3 USB charging cables are provided in this power bank. These also include USB Micro B, USB Type C and Lightning cables.
It also has a USB charging port. You can charge the power bank by plugging it into the adapter.
When charging a smartphone or any other device, its battery discharges a little faster.
In this, a display has been given to tell the power of the battery, which reduces the power to the battery.

Note: Price changes possible. Apart from these, good power banks of other companies are present in the market.


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