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Should diabetic patients eat fruits 1 hour before or after meals? How much truth is there in this matter, remove the confusion


Diabetes patients should consume fruits with high protein, fiber or fat.
By consuming only fruits, fast carb and sugar start dissolving in the blood stream.

Fruits For Diabetic People: The problem of diabetes has become very common these days due to poor lifestyle, excessive stress, carelessness in food etc. The biggest problem of diabetes patients is that they have to take utmost care of their diet. In such a situation, when it comes to the consumption of fruits, questions keep arising in their mind regarding various types of illusions and its truth. For example, some people believe that diabetes patients have to face digestive problems. Especially if they consume fruits. While some people believe that if diabetic patients consume fruits 1 to 2 hours before meals, then they do not have any kind of problems.

how does the digestive system work
bbodydevice According to, in fact, whenever we eat something, the stomach acts like a reservoir and releases a small amount of food in the small intestine for the proper digestion process. It is also better for our blood sugar. When diabetic patients consume fruits alone, the amount of carbs and sugar present in them starts going very fast in the blood stream, which can prove to be harmful for diabetics.

When should diabetes patients eat fruits
If diabetic patients eat fruits mixed with high protein, fiber or fat instead of eating them separately, then it reduces the speed of absorption of sugar in the blood. That’s why it is better that you consume fruits with food. By doing this, there is not much fluctuation in the blood sugar level. If some diabetic people are having digestive problems like gastroparesis, then they can fix this problem by making changes in diet and doing exercise etc.

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Fruit intake is necessary for diabetic patients
medical news today According to, consumption of fruits is beneficial in every way. The fiber, vitamins, minerals present in it are also necessary for the patients of diabetes. Just keep in mind that how much amount of sugar, carb you are taking in the body throughout the day. To keep it balanced, you can take the help of a doctor and make a diet chart and follow it.

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