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Shit train seat with toilet! People who speak like this can change their coach or berth in this way

If you travel often by train, you might try to avoid taking the first and last seat in the coach as much as possible, as toilets and train gates are located around these places. If you have to travel by train every day, then you must understand that the seat near the toilet makes it difficult for people to sit there because of the smell. If you too have been troubled by sitting on such a seat, then do not worry, today we are going to tell some such tips, with the help of which you can save your seat from booking near the toilet.

Seating pattern in IRCTC trains –

Trains coming in Indian Railways have different types of coaches with different layouts and designs. Their cost, berths, comfort and amenities vary, but they all have two gates and two toilets at each end of the coach. Let us tell you about the different layouts and seating arrangements for different types of coaches.

AC First Class (1A)- AC First Class is assigned in ‘H’ coach. The coach has 24 berths in each coupe – 1 upper and 1 lower. You can also close those coupes if necessary.

Tier AC Sleeper (2A) – The 2 Tier AC Sleeper class is assigned with coach code ‘A’. Depending on the size of the coach, there can be 46 or 54 berths. Ruck upper level on two lower levels. Although the coupes are open in this, but the arrangement of curtains is given.

Tier AC Sleeper (3A) – The 3 tier AC sleeper class is in coach code ‘B’. Each coach has 64 berths. Side berths have two levels, with upper, middle and lower berths on the other side to provide seating for passengers.

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Seating pattern of second coach in trains –

Sleeper Class (SL) – It is a non-AC coach with coach code ‘S’. The coach provides berths for 72 persons to sit and sleep. The coach layout is similar to that of 3 tier AC sleeper class except for AC, you can even open the windows.

Second Seating (2S) – It is a non-AC coach with seats available for sitting and sleeping only. 108 seats are available without berths.

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How are seats distributed in the train?

If we look at the train seat algorithm, the seats between the coaches are the first to open for booking. This splits the load in the train and helps in balancing. After the middle seats are filled, more seats at the end of the coach are allotted.

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Tips for not getting a train seat near the toilet –

  • Book your ticket at the earliest. IRCTC allots the middle seats of the coach on a first-come-first-served basis. If you book early, your chances of getting a seat in the middle of the coach away from the toilet are high.
  • The official IRCTC site gives you a chance to select the seat as per your choice while allotting the seats. If you want train seats away from the toilet, book well in advance, if you are unable to do so, your chances of getting the seat of your choice go up.
  • If you are lucky, you can get the seat of your choice even if you book late. This means that people with confirmed seats have canceled their tickets, from which you are being given this seat, but this happens rarely.

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