Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

Shehnaaz Gill’s crazy fan sat on her knees as soon as she met, she started taking out her jewelry, then what happened will steal my heart

Shehnaaz Gill continues to win hearts and her fandom is getting bigger and better with each passing day. The main reason behind this craze of fans is the acceptance of the actress towards the love of her fans. Recently, the Bigg Boss 13 star met a fan girl who broke down after meeting him. Shehnaaz hugs him tightly and consoles him. But there are many special things with this fan. As soon as she met Shahnaz, she took out her bracelet and ring and started giving it to him. What happened later, you see for yourself.

Mad fan did something like this
Later, the girl went down on her knees and this made Shehnaaz Gill a little embarrassed. The fan wanted to gift her a bracelet and she also wanted to wear it herself. Shehnaaz requested her fan to wake up and control her emotions as she was unstoppable. But Fan didn’t care for the paps and she kept on persuading Gill. A woman (probably a guard) came forward to push the girl, but Shehnaaz asked them to back off and she was not too happy about it. At last, Shahnaz took the gift and hugged the fan again.

No one should come between Shahnaz and the fans
Netizens praised Gill as soon as the video surfaced. Most of the netizens liked the fact that Shehnaaz knows how to accept her fans and they also love her a lot. Gill never wants to disappoint her fans and even brawls with the security guards for them. Bigg Boss 13 fame recently attended a press conference in Dubai. After the show was over, many fans rushed towards him to meet him and capture the sight of him on their smartphones. Soon a security guard got annoyed with the fans surrounding Shehnaaz and tried to push them away from Shehnaaz. At first Shehnaaz avoided him and then she lost her temper and instructed him not to come among her fans.

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Shahnaz in Salman Khan’s film
Another guard tried to intervene but Gill ignored them and greeted each and every fan and took selfies. A video of the incident got leaked and it went viral. Shehnaaz was with every fan for more than 2 minutes and she kept smiling continuously. Shahnaz will debut in Bollywood with Salman Khan’s ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’.

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