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Shefali Shah said – Even today I do not hesitate to sit in a rickshaw, happiness is not from money

Shefali Shah is one of those actresses of today’s era, who are doing a lot of work at this time. But he is not seen in any character. Shefali, who is called the Queen of OTT in terms of roles, is in discussion these days with her new film ‘Doctor Ji’. a special conversation with him

You once wanted to become a doctor, then became an actress and by becoming an actress, an artist can realize many forms, but still there is no unfulfilled desire to become something?
There are many things which remain to be done. Sometimes I think, what have I done in life, I wish I could read a little more, I wish I could read Judah Art and Culture. I want to study psychology because I find it very interesting. I want to travel more and more. I think traveling not only makes you a person but also as an artist. Well, I want to do many other things.

What was so special about ‘Doctor Ji’ that inspired you to do this role?
The script of this film is very good and funny. This was a commitment before Kovid. It is a small character, but the script was very good and I am very happy to be a part of it.

Do you ever feel like pinching yourself? Whether your work is ‘Delhi Crime’, ‘Human’ or ‘Jalsa’ or ‘Darling’s’, every role is being liked.
I am getting a lot of love and I feel very lucky, but I cannot keep the success of any project with me for long. My brain works very fast. Whenever I get praise, it feels good, but then it seems that this has happened, now what next?

Ever since OTT has come, capable actresses like you have come right at the center. There has been a big shift in female lead roles, how do you see it?
OTT has opened up a huge horizon of opportunities not only for the artists but also for all the technicians like producer-director. Actresses like us are getting amazing roles. We were not getting that strong character in films, but on OTT every character is important. Every character is beautifully woven. All the films I have done so far have been female-oriented. I have been either a lead or a parallel lead in all the projects like ‘Human’, ‘Darlings’, ‘Jalsa’, ‘Three of Us’, ‘Delhi Crime’. I am enjoying this phase of my career very much and wish that the series of diverse roles continues like this. At the same time we are seeing that whether directors or writers or make-up artists, women are everywhere and this is a wonderful shift, but at the same time I think there should be no discrimination, because men are not asked whether how do you feel Well, the scenario is changing, it’s too late.

You have done a lot of intense characters till now. Which character have you spent the most as an actress?
All my characters have taken a lot from me, especially the character Gauri of Human has spent a lot on as an actress. I had never done such a different and negative role. Then this role was not even that of a typical villain. Jalsa was a very intense film and in that role too I had to give a lot as an actress. Had a lot of fun with ‘Darlings’. According to me, every role takes something or the other from me. Apart from this, I would like to say one thing that I have to work equally hard in every project.

You got the award for Jalsa in Melbourne, so how much do the awards motivate you?
I think it is not right if you come after getting the Motivation Award. No artist works for awards, but who doesn’t like awards? Like I got Jalsa Award for Best Actress in Melbourne, Delhi Crime got International Emmy Award, Human got so many awards, it’s always a great feeling to get an award.

You seem to be working with one or the other co-actress in all your projects. It is believed that actresses have competition with each other, cat fights happen, how true is this?
In my opinion these are all just assumptions. I don’t know which actresses fight with each other? Everyone I have worked with gives full space to each other. We know very well that no series or film can run on the strength of any one artist. Everyone has to work like a team, under the same direction and in this case a positive environment is created automatically.

Today you are not only creative but also a strong actress financially, but there was a time when your father did not have a permanent job and had to live in a chawl?

Whatever I am today, I am because of the struggle of my parents. I am because of his value. If I am attached to the land today, it is only because of him. If you want something, you have to work on it, but at the same time you have to be happy in your space. Yes money is important, but your values ​​are more than money. Even today, I do not hesitate to sit in a rickshaw because I know my routes. I think your happiness should never be related to money.

Motherhood is a continuous process, you are mostly busy with work, so what are the challenges of raising two sons as a single mother?
My kids are very less demanding. They are very mature. He too has his own life. A few years back we used to have fights because my husband Vipul used to say yes to everything and I would say no, the kids would get angry. But now he has grown up and appreciates the values ​​given by me.

How has it been for an actress like you as a director and creative husband as Vipul Shah?
The best part is that what we have in common are the movies that we both love. Like I saw something good, then I tell them that you must see it. I think when you have similar interests, you have a lot to talk about and that’s how the relationship grows. We share a lot.

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