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Shark Tank India: Student wrote such an answer in the exam, will not be able to stop laughing, Aman Gupta demanded a big change



boAt was established in 2016.
Aman Gupta is its co-founder.
The valuation of the boat is more than $1 billion.

New Delhi. The fan following of the second season of the reality show Shark Tank India (Shark Tank India Season 2), which was started with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship, is now being seen not only in adults but also in children. The show continues to remain in the discussion for one reason or the other. Sometimes for the debate between the judges (sharks) and sometimes for the product or personality of the contestants who came on the show. The latest season of Shark Tank is now once again in discussion. However, this time the reason is totally different.

In fact, a child wrote such an answer in his exam that Aman Gupta, the co-founder of Bot, had to run a unique campaign after this. In the examination, the child was asked to make a sentence of his own choice using English words. There was also a word ‘boAt’ in it. Usually it is used as a boat but this child wrote, “Boat is a brand of headphones made by Aman Gupta.” The child’s father shared this answer sheet on Twitter and wrote, ‘Aftermath of Shark Tank’.

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Campaign of Aman Gupta
After this, as soon as the post reached Shark Aman, he started a different kind of campaign regarding it. He shared the post and jokingly wrote, “A for Apple, B for boAt, he petitions for such changes in all books.”

Children have already shown love for the show
This is not the first time that there is a sense of appreciation among children for sharks. Vinita Singh of Sugar Cosmetic also told Indian Express that she was walking in the park one day when a girl saw her from her house and came to her. According to Vinita, the girl was 8 years old. He told, “She came to me and told that she likes the show very much. Also said that she also wants to become an entrepreneur when she grows up. At that time I realized how much impact the show is having. This was a bigger deal than the investment we made in any company. This will matter more in the future.”

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