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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Shahrukh’s son AbRam went out with his/her friends after partying, Amrita Arora’s son Ryan was all over the camera

Along with film stars, their children are also often in the news. Shahrukh Khan’s son AbRam is also one of them, whose video is attracting the viewers a lot at this time. The occasion was Sohail Khan’s son Yohan’s birthday, where apart from AbRam Khan, many other star kids had arrived. On this occasion, Amrita Arora’s son Ryan was also seen with AbRam and the reaction these children gave after seeing the camera in front of them is attracting everyone’s attention. In these videos, AbRam’s dimples look exactly like Shahrukh’s and he/she is also giving reactions to the paparazzi on camera. However, during this time, Sohail’s beloved Yohan looked like a completely calm child.

Several videos of the birthday celebrations surfaced on social media last night in which these children are seen enjoying. In the video, Sohail Khan comes to drop the children to the car and is seen asking the paparazzi present there to give them way.

AbRam and Ryan having fun seeing the camera

In another video, AbRam and Ryan are seen talking to each other. AbRam’s dimple looks just like his/her father Shahrukh’s and he/she is seen waving bye to the camera in between. Ryan is also seen waving bye to the camera and both of them are looking excited after seeing the cameras outside.

People said- AbRam is very cute and a well behaved child

People are praising AbRam a lot on these videos. Many people have written – AbRam is very cute and a well behaved boy. However, many of the people commenting have said that these children should have the habit of wearing seat belts.

Recently AbRam celebrated his/her 11th birthday

Recently, AbRam celebrated his/her 11th birthday. AbRam was born on 27 May 2013 through surrogacy. Recently, during the IPL, many videos of AbRam came out from the stadium and at many places he/she was seen enjoying the match with his/her father.

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