Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Shahrukh Khan had to roam Delhi’s girlfriend heavily, goons beat her up on the road

We live once, die once, get married only once, and fall in love only once… This dialogue is from Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. You must have also heard. Some would even remember. This line also fits perfectly on the life of the actor known as King Khan. But leaving the last few words. Now you will say how is this. he/she loved and married Gauri Khan only. So we will not deny this but also will not deny that there has never been any other girl in his/her life other than Gauri. Was and because of that the actor was also thrashed. After that he/she even started calling Gauri as sister-in-law.

Today crores of girls spend their lives on Shah Rukh Khan. She loves him/her very much. You must have been doing it earlier also. But to whom the actor has given his/her heart, it matters more because she must be a lucky one who would have got the support and hand of the actor. Ghori Khan is there anyway. We are talking about something other than him/her. Shahrukh Khan himself had told about this. In an award show, Kapil Sharma had asked ‘Pathan’ on stage if he/she had ever molested any girl. Are you watching? Have you ever gone on a date with a girl? You will also laugh and be surprised to hear the answer given by the actor on this.

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shahrukh khan had a delhiwali girlfriend

Actually, a video is going viral. In this, Kapil asks Shahrukh Khan – used to live in Delhi, did you ever used to tease girls? But on this the actor says – yes, this is our right. A Delhiite has the right as soon as he/she is born. But one or two things happened to me in such a way that after that I reduced it. I was in Green Park. I had made a new girlfriend. what was the girlfriend As the people of Delhi say girlfriend. Just like that. She was not a girlfriend, just a girl hanging out with her.

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Shahrukh Khan was fiercely thrashed

Shahrukh further said, ‘So I was going, there are some goon type boys here in Delhi. One stopped me. I was a little bit from English medium school, so I told in style in English that she is my girlfriend. So he/she said that he/she is not your girlfriend. Sister-in-law I said no no. This is my girlfriend. he/she said no, she is sister-in-law. After this when I said that she is my girlfriend. And here the girlfriend’s friend had not finished that two beat me up. One had an ax in his/her hand. Killed me by giving that. Now this time has come that even with my wife I go out in Delhi and someone asks who is she, then I say that she is my sister-in-law.

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