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Selling and buying SIM cards will no longer be easy, strict rules are being implemented from December 1.

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There will be a ban on purchasing SIM cards in bulk.

Sim Card Buying and Selling Rules: Till a few years ago you could easily buy and sell SIM cards but now everything is about to change. New rules for selling and buying SIM cards are going to come into effect in India from December 1. Now it will be mandatory for dealers to get their verification done to sell SIM. Not only this, registration before selling SIM has also been made mandatory.

Let us tell you that in recent times, cases of fraud calls and spam have increased rapidly. In such a situation, the Department of Telecommunication has set new rules for selling and buying SIM cards to stop this. In this regard, two circulars were also issued by DoT in the month of September.

Rules for buying and selling SIM cards will be strict

According to the new rule, it will now be necessary for telecom companies to get KYC done for the shops selling their SIM cards. If companies do not get KYC done, they can be fined Rs 10 lakh.

The new rules will also crack down on bulk selling of SIM cards. Now people cannot buy SIM in bulk. Bulk SIMs will be available only on commercial connections. However, now you will still be able to buy nine SIM cards on one Aadhaar ID.

If a person switches off his number, the number will be given to someone else only after 90 days.

Scanning of Aadhaar has also now been made mandatory before purchasing a new SIM card for the existing number. Along with this, there will definitely be demographic data also.

Rules were to come into effect in October

Let us tell you that earlier the Government of India was going to implement the new rules for purchasing SIM from October 1. But later DOT extended it for 2 months. With the aim of curbing the ever increasing cases of fraud, the Government of India now seems to be in the mode of strictly enforcing the rules of buying and selling of SIMs.

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