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Seeing these street food of Surat, people’s mouth gets watery, do not forget to test them too

Surat, popularly known as “Silk City” and “Diamond City”, is also famous for its delicious street food. Attracting travelers from far and wide, this destination never leaves any stone unturned to impress the tourists. There are many roadside stalls here, where you can taste many delicious street food of Surat. Especially in the evening, people come out of their homes to enjoy these delicious dishes. So let us also tell you about some popular street food of Surat in this article.

Surat Locho Dish – Locho Street Food in Surat

There is a funny story related to the invention of locho, once a strange dish came out while preparing simple khaman, which was later named locho. This dish is very tasty to eat. This can be seen in the menu list of any stall in Surat. This dish is slightly sweet and spicy in food, which is served with green chutney and crispy sev. This dish is most popular among Gujju Bhai people. You can also taste a variety of lochos such as Schezwan and Italian lochos.

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Undhiyu Dish of Surat – Undhiyu Street Food in Surat


Undhiyu is a very tasty and wonderful dish, which is most liked in Surat. Undhiyu is made from 8 different types of vegetables. As delicious as this vegetable is to eat, it is equally nutritious, so you must definitely test it once. This recipe is cooked for hours and hours and then put in an earthen pot.

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Surti Sev Khamani Street food in Surat – Surti Sev Khamani Street food in Hindi


Looking for some of the best street food in Surat? So why not try the Surti Sev Khamani dish now? This dish is considered to be the most delicious and wonderful dish of Surat, which is prepared with a mixture of ginger, garlic and chilli along with chana dal and sugar. The sev is put on top and then it is served. You can enjoy this dish at any stall for Rs 50.

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Surat Ice Dish – Ice Dish in Surat in Hindi


To escape the heat, you must have eaten a ball of ice? Similarly, there is an ice ball of Surat, which is very popular among the people here. Wrapped in vanilla ice cream, dry fruits and vibrant colors, this dish wakes up the inner child. If you are going to visit Surat in summer, then do not forget to try this dish at all.

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Rasawala Khaman Dhokla in Surat


When it comes to Gujarati cuisine, Khaman has all but failed. With Unique Taste, we have brought for you another such dish, after eating which you will definitely say thank you to us. Raswala Khaman Dhokla is a very famous dish of Surat. Its spicy gravy and the extra flavor of sev might make you want to eat another plate.

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Surat’s Nankhatai – Nankhatai Dish in Surat


Nankhatai is a brown colored biscuit made with ghee, cardamom and nutmeg. You will find this snack on every street in Surat. So if you are craving to eat something sweet in Surat, then we suggest that you should first try the sweet nankhatai test. You will surely forget the taste of other expensive biscuits.

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Surat’s Ponk Vada – Ponk Vada in Surat


Ponk is called fresh jowar grain in Gujarati language and these famous ponk vada are vadas or pakoras made from soft jowar grains. This local Gujarati snack is very much liked by tourists from across the country. Although this street food is fried, the jowar present in it makes this dish healthy. Be sure to try this dish while staying in Surat.

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