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Seeing 500 girls together, the 17-year-old boy ‘lost consciousness’! had to be admitted to the hospital

Teenage Boy Faints in Company of Girls: As funny as some incidents seem to be, they are actually not so much for the person on whom they have passed. You must have seen a girl feeling nervous seeing her surrounded by many boys and must have understood her insecurity, but the same happened with a 17-year-old boy. he/she suddenly saw himself alone among many girls, then he/she fainted there.

By the way, as soon as the season of board exams approaches, interesting news of various kinds starts coming to the fore. Somewhere when someone else reaches to give the exam of the student, then somewhere strange incidents are heard even during the checking. However, what happened to a student of Bihar’s Allama Iqbal College, you would not have heard that before. One was the mathematics paper and then the boy saw so many girls at once that he/she could not handle himself.

The boy got angry after seeing hundreds of girls
A 17-year-old boy named Manishankar had appeared for the examination at the center given by the board. he/she was already nervous about the difficult paper. Meanwhile, when he/she reached the center i.e. Bihar Shirke Brilliant Convent School, as far as his/her eyes went, only girls were visible. he/she was the only boy in the crowd of about 500 girls. Seeing this scene, his/her heart got scared and the boy lost his/her senses as soon as he/she saw it. The funny thing is that he/she had reached the center to take the exam but he/she had to reach the hospital in a hurry.

The boy had reached the center to take the exam but he/she had to rush to the hospital.

Just Panic or Gynophobia?
When the boy was removed from there, he/she regained consciousness after some time, but this incident came in the headlines. Since the boy is young, it is believed that he/she fainted after finding himself alone among hundreds of girls. By the way, let us tell you that there is also a psychological condition called Gynophobia, which fills a person with uneasiness, nervousness and fear when he/she reaches around women.

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