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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

SCO spoiled the game of the British… NZ is also in a bad shape, this is how they will make it to the Super-8


The condition of England and New Zealand teams is very bad in the T20 World Cup.The path to Super-8 seems to be very difficult for both the teams. Only two out of five teams in each group will go to Super-8.

New Delhi, As the T20 World Cup 2024 is progressing, many new teams are emerging. At the same time, the condition of big teams like Pakistan, England and New Zealand is looking bad in the tournament. The situation is such that these teams are facing difficulties even in entering the Super-8. Afghanistan has been playing well consistently in the last few years. Now due to the excellent performance of teams like America and Scotland, the condition of New Zealand and England is also looking bad in the tournament.

Talking about England, they are part of Group B. They have lost their first match to the table topper Australia by 36 runs while their match against Scotland was washed out due to rain. Scotland defeated Namibia by five wickets and Oman by seven wickets in their next two matches. Thus, Scotland has a total of five points with two wins and a tie. They are in second place in this group after Australia. Australia has won all the three matches played so far. England’s team, which has not registered a single win so far after playing two matches, is on the verge of being eliminated from the tournament.

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How can England make it to the Super-8?
If we look at the net run rate, Scotland is in a strong position with +2.164. At the same time, England is stuck in limbo with -1.800 points. Scotland has to play its last match against Australia on 16 June. England would like the Kangaroos to beat Scotland badly in this match so that their run rate falls. At the same time, England now has to take the field against Oman on Friday morning, 14 June. Then their last match is against Namibia on 15 June at 10:30 pm. There is a strong possibility that the English can make their place in the Super-8 by defeating both these teams by a big margin.

Can New Zealand also get a place in Super-8?
New Zealand has played its only match against Afghanistan, in which it had to face defeat by 84 runs. In this group, Afghanistan and West Indies have secured their first and second place by winning all the two matches played so far. Any team needs at least six points to make it to the Super-8. If New Zealand wins all its three matches, then there is a strong possibility of this. To do this, it will have to beat West Indies, Uganda and Papua New Guinea by a big margin. New Zealand’s net run rate is -4.200 while West Indies’ is +3.574 and Afghanistan’s is +5.225. New Zealand will have to pray that one of these two teams loses both its remaining matches. Windies have to play against New Zealand and Afghanistan. At the same time, Afghanistan has to play the remaining matches against West Indies and Papua New Guinea.

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