Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Scientists identified antibodies, said – it can be eliminated

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Omicron infection has become a matter of concern for the whole world. Different studies are being done regarding this. Many health experts believe that Omicron is less serious than Delta. But, still we need to be careful. Recently, the WHO warned all the countries of the world that there could be a tsunami of Delta and Omicron cases in the coming days. So be alert and prepare to fight the pandemic.

According to the news of Amar Ujala, Dr David Weisler, Associate Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine involved in a study, says that in view of the way the corona virus is changing its form, an antibodies have been identified, through which Omicron and other corona virus variants can be eliminated.

Important role of vaccination
This study has been published in the journal Nature, which states that in the coming future, the vaccine itself can prove to be helpful in eliminating the virus. Apart from this, antibodies can help in finding treatment methods.

How was the study done?
For the study, scientists first created two pseudo-viruses and also developed a spike protein on the virus. 1 of the two pseudoviruses contained the spike-protein of Omicron. Then recovered after getting infected with the initial variant of the corona and took 1 dose of the vaccine. Both antibodies were shown to have an effect on preventing Omicron infection.

the results will surprise
Corona got infected and recovered and the immune system of people who took the first dose of the vaccine was very weak.
Corona got infected and recovered and people who had taken both doses of the vaccine had very little infection and better immunity. Which means that the vaccine is effective for us.


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