Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

SC: ‘Divorce can be granted even without waiting for six months if…’, Supreme Court’s big comment

The Supreme Court made a big comment about the relationship between husband and wife.
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The Supreme Court has made a big comment regarding the relationship between husband and wife. he/she said on Monday that if the rift in the relationship is not ending, then there is no point in living together like this. That’s why a marriage can be terminated even before 6 months on the basis of not being able to fill the rift between the spouses.

A five-judge bench headed by Justice SK Kaul on Monday said that the apex court is empowered to do complete justice under Article 142 of the Constitution. The court said that it can dissolve the marriage with the mutual consent of the husband and wife by using the special power given under Article 143. The bench said that now the couple will not have to wait for six months to end the relationship.

Explain that Article 142 of the Constitution deals with the implementation of its orders to do ‘complete justice’ in any matter pending before the apex court.

The five-judge bench also included Justice Sanjiv Khanna, Justice AS Oka, Justice Vikramnath and Justice JK Maheshwari. The bench said that for this court, we have given such a provision that we can end a married relationship on the basis of not being able to heal the rift.

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