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Save half of the trip money by staying in these hostels of Himachal, there will be no more expenses, you will be able to roam many more places

Whenever we go out for a walk, except for food and drink, the biggest expense that empty our pockets is that of staying in a hotel or resort. Everyone wants to live in luxury, but everyone also wants to save money. If you also think like us, then in this article we tell you about those cheap hostels in Himachal, where you can stay cheaply and spend the remaining money in traveling elsewhere.
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Bunker Bir – The Bunker Bir

This hostel is situated in a peaceful place away from the noise of the city. Some of the rooms in this property have attached balconies, from where you can see the beautiful mountains. You will find almost everything you need here in terms of facilities. Also, since this property is around 7 km from Dharamsala, you can also visit several places during your stay here.

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Roommate Hostel, Manali – Roamate Hostel, Manali


Roommate is a modern vintage style hostel located in Old Manali. You will get to see all kinds of facilities in this hostel. The beautiful view of the valleys from here also mesmerizes the people. Along with this, the apple orchards in this property are also enough to keep the tourists coming here busy.

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Hostel Triangle Folks, Dharamshala – Hostel Triangle Folks, Dharamshala


You will get to see everything you need in this hostel related to your desires. The location here looks very beautiful due to the mud house and being surrounded by majestic mountains. When you have nothing to do, you can enjoy the waterfall here or shop from the nearby market.

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Whoopers Hostel, Kasol – Whoopers Hostel, Kasol


Situated in Kasol, Woopers Hostel offers both free private parking and WiFi. Situated around 27 km away from Manali, this accommodation is budget friendly. You are given two options to choose a room here, first a 6 bed mixed dorm room and second a private room with bathroom facility.

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Youth Hostel, Manali – Youth Hostel, Manali


Youth Hostel is one of the best hostels in Himachal Pradesh away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With its serene ambiance, this hostel is surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Staying in this hostel will give you the experience of staying in a resort.

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Thira Shimla


Situated in the heart of the city, almost all tourist attractions around Thira Hostel are within walking distance. Its peaceful environment helps the guests immensely to meet other travelers and stay here. Clean rooms, spacious lounge, and stunning views make this a great place to stay.

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