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Sanaullah Ghafari: Who is ISIS-K leader Sanaullah Ghafari? On which America placed a reward of Rs 74 crore


Washington: US ISIS-K (Islamic State Khorasan Province) the kingpin Sanaullah Ghaffari A reward of 10 million dollars has been announced for giving information about (Sanaullah Ghafari). Sanaullah Ghaffari suicide attack on Kabul airport last year (Kabul Airport Attack 2021) was the mastermind. While issuing a notification on Monday, America’s Rewards for Justice Department said that whoever gives information about this dreaded terrorist, he will get a reward of up to 10 million dollars. Sanaullah Ghafari) will be given. This reward amount in Indian rupees is more than 74 crores. Apart from the suicide attack on Sanaullah airport, it is also said to be involved in many other attacks. He is also the top rank commander of ISIS-K in Pakistan-Afghanistan.

Sanaullah Ghaffari alias Shahab al-Muhajir
Rewards for Justice reported that Sanaullah Ghaffari is also known as Shahab al-Muhajir. The reward is also for giving information about those responsible for the terrorist attack on Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan on 26 August 2021. More than 185 people died in this attack, including 13 American soldiers. After this attack, the Taliban had caught several Islamic State terrorists, who named Shahab al-Muhajir alias Sanaullah Ghaffari.

Born in Afghanistan in 1994
According to the US, Sanaullah Ghaffari was born in 1994 in Afghanistan. He is currently the leader of the terrorist organization ISIS-K and Amir. It has the responsibility of arranging funding for all ISIS-K operations throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan, and for their implementation. In June 2020, the top leadership of ISIS-K handed over the responsibility of top commander of this dreaded terrorist organization to Ghaffari.

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ISIS told urban lion
ISIS had praised Ghaffari fiercely during his appointment. ISIS described Ghaffari as a veteran military leader and one of ISIS’s urban lions in Kabul. This dreaded terrorist has been involved in many guerrilla terrorist operations besides plotting suicide attacks.

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What is Islamic State Khorasan?
ISIS-K is an ally of Islamic State in Central Asia. In 2014, Islamic State fighters spread throughout Syria and Iraq, followed by the establishment of ISIS-K in 2015, a few months later. In this organization ‘Khorasan’ is actually a province of Afghanistan which covers most of Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia. It is also known as ISK or ISIS-K.

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Who are the ISIS-K fighters?
The terrorist organization started with several hundred Pakistani Taliban fighters. After relentless military operations, he was expelled from Pakistan and took refuge on the Afghanistan border. The strength of the organization was increased by people with extremist ideology. It also included disgruntled Taliban fighters who were unhappy with the Taliban’s liberal and peaceful attitude against the West. Over the years, as the Taliban opened up talks with the West, disgruntled fighters joined the Khorasan group and the number of its fighters grew. It also drew from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, the only Sunni province in Iran, and the Turkistan Islamic Party, which includes Uighurs from the northeast of China.

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Why is ISIS-K dangerous?
When the Taliban confined their struggle to Afghanistan, ISIS-K took on the responsibility of spreading jihad against non-Muslims around the world and expanding Islamic State’s influence. The Center for International and Strategic Studies has records of dozens of attacks in which Islamic State fighters have targeted many people in Afghanistan and Pakistan, including minority Shia Muslims.

How the youth are tricked?
ISIS-K systematically seeks its victims. One of his army is also engaged on the Internet. She keeps an eye on those who believe in her views. He can also be called his ‘sympathetic’. In the name of Jihad, it shares ideas with people through social media. When it is sure that the person has been ‘brainwashed’, he is given a place in the team. The terrorist group throws such dice that it becomes impossible to get out of its grip.



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