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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Samsung 9.5 Kg, 5 Star, Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (WT95A4260GD/TL, Air Turbo Drying, Dark Gray)

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Price: ₹20,400 - ₹16,090.00
(as of Jun 18, 2024 00:42:44 UTC – Details)

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Hexa Storm PulsatorHexa Storm Pulsator

Magic MixerMagic Mixer

Magic Filter- Powerful filtrationMagic Filter- Powerful filtration

Hexa Storm Pulsator

Get clothes thoroughly clean while minimizing any damage. The Hexa Storm Pulsator creates a powerful, multi-directional water flow, so it thoroughly cleans garments. It also has 3 rollers and 2 side boards that have a series of ridges, which have a scrubbing effect, but are gentler on fabrics.

Magic Mixer: Dissolves detergent

Wash without worrying about detergent not mixing properly. Simply add water and detergent and select the Magic Mixer option. The Hexa Storm Pulsator then generates a powerful water current that thoroughly dissolves the detergent. So it minimizes the risk of any residue being left on clothes

Magic Filter- Powerful filtration

Keep unsightly speckles off your whites and darks, and protect the drainage from getting clogged up. A Magic Filter with a dual mesh, at the front and back, effectively gathers the lint, fluff and particles that come out of your laundry. And it is easy to empty out the filter, as it opens 180°.

5 Star Energy Rating5 Star Energy Rating

Air Turbo Drying SystemAir Turbo Drying System

Rat ProtectionRat Protection

5 Star Energy Rating

Spend less on bills and protect the planet. The washing machine’s high energy efficiency is certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) with its highest “5 star” rating.

Air Turbo Drying System

Reduce drying times by removing more water using the Air Turbo Drying System. During the spin cycle, it rotates the drum at high-speed to extract more water, while dual air intakes draw in and circulate more external air.

Rat Protection

Protect your washing machine from rodent damage. Rats can enter through quite small holes and then chew the wiring and insulation, or even get trapped in the drum.

4 Wheels4 Wheels

Auto RestartAuto Restart

Rust Proof BodyRust Proof Body

4 Wheels

Move your washing machine around your home more easily and conveniently without having to lift or drag it.

Auto Restart

Finish washing your clothes as soon as possible following a power cut. As soon as your electricity supply is restored, the Auto Restart feature immediately resumes the washing process.

Rust Proof Body

Avoid having to worry about your washing machine getting rusty over time. It has a non-corrosive and rust-proof plastic body.

Semi-Automatic top load washing maching: Economical Low water and energy consumption
Capacity 9.5 kg: Suitable for large families
Energy Star rating : 5 Star- Best in class efficiency
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years comprehensive on product and 5 Years on motor
Motor: 1300 RPM: Higher spin speeds helps in faster wash and drying With its high speed and efficiency it’s perfect for busy households or those who want to get laundry done quickly and effectively
Wash Programs: 4 Wash Programs – Heavy Gentle Delicates Normal Soak
Air Turbo Drying – Reduce drying times by removing more water using the Air Turbo Drying System.
EASY MOBILITY – Equipped with 4 wheels the machine can be moved around by sliding it with ease
Key Performance Features: Magic Filter
Special Features: Rat Protection Rust-proof Body Caster Wheel

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