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Salman Khan started Stan-Shaleen’s class, know the update of the 83rd day of Bigg Boss house

Big Boss 16 Days 83 Written Updates: The Friday episode of Bigg Boss is very interesting. This time also Friday’s episode was very interesting. Ritesh and Genelia come as guests in the house and do tasks with fun. Let’s know what happened in the episode of 82nd day of 23rd December.

Ritesh and Genelia came as guests in the house
Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia enter the house. Sajid starts crying hugging Ritesh. Genelia also hugs Sajid and Sajid says crying that good to see you. After this Ritesh and Genelia meet all the family members. Ritesh says that this time I wanted to see Sajid in the show but now I am getting very involved in this show. After this Ritesh narrates the story of his films that he has a lot of fun in between action and cuts and what he has not done to me.

Ritesh and Sajid backbite the housemates in the girl’s getup
After this, Ritesh tells Sajid and many of his stories. After this Ritesh and Sajid perform comedy by becoming Sajida and Rajida. After this, Genelia gives a situation in which Sajida and Rajida gossip about Priyanka with Archana in the kitchen and make the family members laugh. After this, Sajid and Ritesh also dance on Mithun Chakraborty’s song. Ritesh and Genelia also conduct a compatibility test with the family members. After this, Ritesh and Genelia also ask who in the house considers whom as Vedi. After this, the housemates call the members according to their own and give the reason why they consider them mad. After this, Genelia also makes a reel with the family members on the song of her film ‘Ved’ and dances fiercely.

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Salman scolds Stan and Shaleen for abusing them
After this Salman Khan enters the house. As soon as they come, they say that your family and fans are watching the show and what type of language you are using. Salman asks Stan and Shaleen whether your sister and mother have come on this show and why your mother and sisters are being abused because of you. Salman asks Sajid, Stan and Shaleen if you use such language in your home.. After this Salman says that let me fill you in the blank. Be careful, don’t beep.. Hearing this, Shaleen says sorry. Salman says that he does not fit. What is your fill in the blank but Shaleen remains silent. After this, Salman says the same to Stan and Stan says that sorry sir, it will not happen after today. After this, Stan and Shaleen hug each other on Salman’s persuasion.

Salman also took Tina’s class
After this, Salman Khan tells Tina that what happened if Stan nominated you. Why are you asking why and the reason given by him was right, you do not seem to have changed at all after coming from outside. After this, Salman tells Shaleen that Stan had spoken in your favour, he had told Tina that when she came from outside, she was talking big. After this, Salman tells Shaleen that every time the abuse starts from you. Salman says that I also abuse but do not speak of this type. Shaleen says that after today I will not do this. After this, Salman also takes a class for threatening Stan’s modesty.

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Riteish and Genelia have fun with Salman on stage
After this Ritesh and Genelia also join Salman on the stage. During this, Ritesh tells that he finds Shiva and Priyanka very strong. While Genelia says that her favorite is Archana. Ritesh praises Salman a lot and tells that Salman has also sung in his Marathi film Ved. After this, Salman and Ritesh also do the steps of the song by keeping a glass in their pants pocket. Salman and Genelia also dance on stage. Salman also does a compatibility test for Ritesh and Genelia. After this Ritesh and Genelia promote their film Wed.

Special seat came for Priyanka
Salman Khan tells Priyanka how can you sit with these lowly creatures. Priyanka you are a fairy and your name should be Pariyanka. Salman says that Priyanka is not a joke. After this, Salman asks for a special seat for Priyanka. With this the episode of the 83rd day ends. In Saturday’s episode, it will be known why special seat was ordered for Priyanka

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