Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Sale on cinema continues in the festival season! Tickets for ‘Doctor Ji’ and ‘Kantara’ become cheaper on single screen

The process of cheap tickets started in theaters on National Cinema Day is now continuing in the festival season as well. After multiplex, now single screen cinema has also joined it. Here is a report:

Single screen involved in this race to increase the number of viewers
In the festival season, where sale boards are seen everywhere in the market, now cinema halls have also joined the race. On the occasion of National Cinema Day, every producer is now selling tickets for their films at cheap rates to woo more and more audience. However, till now the audience was getting a chance to watch the film at a cheap price only at the multiplex. But now the single screen cinema makers have also joined this race to increase the number of viewers through cheap tickets. If experts are to be believed, now many single screen cinema halls of Delhi NCR have also tried to bring more audience to the cinema by reducing the price of tickets.

Prior permission from the licensing authority to increase or decrease the rates of tickets

Talking about this, Rajkumar Mehrotra, CEO, Delight Cinemas said, “We have drastically reduced the ticket rates for our film Doctor Ji for the last days of Cinema Week. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, one can watch the movie at our cinema for Rs.80 to Rs.160 depending on the category of seats. Whereas on normal days this rate ranges from 95 to 220. Actually, we have to first get permission from the licensing authority to increase or decrease the rates of tickets. That’s why we have reduced the ticket prices as much as we have allowed for the minimum ticket prices.

Sale is on in cinemas
On National Cinema Day, all the multiplexes kept the price of tickets for films at Rs 75. At the same time, now the producers are reducing the price of tickets for the first day of release or for the whole week at their level. For example, the makers of the film ‘Goodbye’ showed their film to the audience at all theaters for just Rs 80. At the same time, to make the film Vikram Vedha reach more audiences in the third week, the makers of the film had reduced the price of all its tickets to Rs 100. Earlier, the makers of the film Brahmastra have also taken this step. The makers of the Kannada film Kantara, dubbed in Hindi, have kept the prices of their films very low in theatres. This is the reason why the audience is enjoying it for just 100 to 150 rupees. At the same time, tickets for the film ‘Doctor Ji’ are also available at many multiplexes for just Rs 150.

Sale of tickets will continue even further
Recently, the makers of the film ‘Drishyam 2’ had given a 50 percent discount on advance booking of tickets for the first day of the film. It is believed that even during the release of the film, the makers of the film can take such a step. At the same time, advance booking of Akshay Kumar’s Ram Sethu and Ajay Devgan’s ‘Thank God’, which is releasing on Diwali, has not started yet. But people associated with the film industry believe that these filmmakers can also try to sell tickets for their films at cheap prices to bring more audiences to the cinema in the festive season. Talking about this time, producer and film business analyst Girish Johar says, “Looking at the huge number of audiences reaching the cinema when cinema tickets are cheap, many producers are giving discounts on the tickets of their films. Now all this has to be done to call the audience to the cinema. Of course, if the tickets are cheap, only then will they enjoy experiencing the big screen. Some are doing it expensive or cheap on weekends, while some are doing it on weekdays too. All this is going to go on. I think this discount will be applicable to those old films which are stalled due to Corona.

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