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Russia-Ukraine are now exchanging each other’s captive soldiers in the midst of fighting

Russia Ukraine Exchange Of Captured Soldiers: The war between Russia and Ukraine is about to complete one year. Thousands of soldiers from both sides have been killed in this war. At the same time, many common people have also lost their lives in Ukraine. Due to the attacks being carried out by the Russian army, there has been a lot of damage to the infrastructure in Ukraine. Hundreds of premises have been destroyed, thousands of buildings have become dilapidated. Millions of people had to leave Ukraine. Russia is also facing economic challenges, but the war is not ending.

Meanwhile, a different scene has been seen on the border of both the countries. The scene is that both the countries are exchanging their own people who were held captive at each other’s place. Dozens of Russian and Ukrainian prisoners of war returned to their respective countries after an exchange of prisoners on Saturday. Meanwhile, officials from both the sides shared pictures and gave information about the prisoners of war.

116 prisoners of Ukraine were released
Andrey Yermak, a top aide to the Ukrainian president, said on social media that 116 Ukrainian prisoners had been released. He said the released prisoners of war included soldiers who had held out in Mariupol during the months-long siege of Moscow. Apart from this, guerrilla fighters from the Kherson region and many soldiers captured during the ongoing fierce fighting in the eastern city of Bakhmut have also returned safely.

63 soldiers of Russia also returned
On the other hand, Russian defense officials told that after the exchange, 63 of their Russian soldiers came back from Ukraine, including some “special category” prisoners. According to Russian officials, some of the prisoners were released after UAE mediation. However, the statement issued by the Russian Defense Ministry did not give details about these “special category” prisoners.

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