Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

Ruckus in Municipal Corporation meeting regarding corruption

S.Agnihotri/ HP

Manimajra (Chandigarh), August 29

The 326th meeting of the Municipal Corporation held on Tuesday was full of political drama regarding corruption. Recently, the issue of sanitary inspector and health supervisor, two officers of MOH wing, who were arrested by CBI for allegedly taking bribe, got heated in the House. Apart from these two officers, the issue of suspension of another sanitary inspector and an outsourced employee for dereliction of service was also raised in the House. Amidst the uproar, a demand was raised to form a councilor committee, on which after the consent of the mayor, it was agreed to form a committee for investigation. On the other hand, taking all the issues, Congress councilors tried to surround Mayor Anoop Gupta, showed banners and also handed over the lock to get rooted in the corporation. BJP corporator Mahesh Inder Singh Sidhu defended the mayor by saying that he had written to the adviser to conduct a vigilance inquiry amid demands for answers from Congress corporators. Meanwhile, Sidhu said in the House that one of the accused officers has named the MOH officer, he is not raising personal questions on anyone. Councilor Sidhu also tried to ask the MOH that who has the authority to fire or change the corporation? On this, Corporation Commissioner Anindita Mitra intervened and said that being the head of the entire corporation, she has the right to answer. Who explained about the rights-process of him and the secretary local bodies in changing the officers-employees according to the category of Group A, B, C and D in the house.

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At the same time, the corporation commissioner made it clear that he too cannot take any action at his level until he receives a written communication from the investigating agency. All the resolutions brought in the meeting were passed unanimously. In the meeting, there was fierce debate on the issue of corruption going on inside the corporation. In this, a demand was made on behalf of the opposition councilors to form a committee. To which the mayor agreed.

Councilor Saurabh Joshi said that the officials do not listen to the councillors. Public works are not being done. For this, a monitoring committee should be formed, which should monitor the pending works of the city. On which after the consent of the Mayor, it was agreed to go to form the committee. Amidst the uproar, questions and answers also took place between the mayor and the commissioner. The commissioner said that this committee cannot be formed.

During the meeting, AAP corporator Jasbir Laddi raised a question in the house that in the past, the city administrator had asked the corporation to review the decision of charging double fees from states coming from outside in paid parking. A total of 11 resolutions were passed in the House.

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