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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Rimi Sen: I ruined my career myself, Salman Khan is a gentleman, why should I put the burden on him/her

‘I ruined my career myself, so why should I put the burden on Salman Khan?’ This is what actress Rimi Sen said, who worked with ‘Dabangg Khan’ in the film ‘Kyunki’. Later she also appeared in Salman’s reality show ‘Bigg Boss 9’. When Rimi Sen entered Bollywood with ‘Hungama’ in 2003, she created a stir. After this, Rimi Sen did many films one after the other, some of which were hits. But after a few years, Rimi Sen suddenly started staying away from films and stopped getting films. Rimi Sen did not get any benefit from ‘Bigg Boss’ either, for which she blames her own mistakes and spoke exclusively to presswire18 Times Online about this. Rimi Sen gave hit films like ‘Hungama’, ‘Baghban’, ‘Dhoom’, ‘Kyunki’, ‘Garam Masala’, ‘Phir Hera Pheri’, ‘Deewane Huye Paagal’, ‘Golmaal: Fun Unlimited’, ‘Dhoom 2’ and ‘Johnny Gaddar’ in her career, but later her charm started fading. After doing two films in 2011, Rimi Sen disappeared from films and distanced herself from acting. To give a second chance to her career, Rimi Sen also participated in ‘Bigg Boss’. But her career did not benefit much.

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‘I did not approach Salman for work’

When Rimi Sen was asked if Salman Khan helped her after ‘Bigg Boss’? How was your bond with him/her? Rimi Sen said, ‘I have a good bond with Salman. We did the film ‘Kyunki’ together. he/she is a true gentleman and a beautiful person. his/her nature and behavior are very good. I have never approached him/her for work. When someone doesn’t have work in the film industry, he/she goes to Salman for help. he/she also helps. I don’t like to burden anyone. If it is in my destiny, I will get it. Salman gave me a chance. I don’t like to burden anyone.’

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‘I ruined my own career’

Rimi Sen further said, ‘When I came from Kolkata, I had nothing, but God gave it to me, right? So if it is in my destiny, God will give it. he/she (Salman Khan) has power, that is why people come to him/her for help. But why would he/she help me when it was my mistake? I did not have to do my PR. I ruined my career. If you do not know how to sell your talent, then nothing can happen in your life, no matter which field it is.’


‘Bigg Boss did not help me because I did not do my PR’

When asked if she got any benefit after Bigg Boss, Rimi Sen said, “I did not take any benefit. I did not do any PR for myself. People handle PR etc. But I was not doing any meaningful work, so why would anyone look at me. For some time you will see me going to parlors, salons, but after some time who will look at me?”

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‘I was getting 2 crores for 7 weeks, that’s why I did ‘Bigg Boss”

Rimi Sen also told that she never wanted to go to ‘Bigg Boss’, but the makers wanted her to be a part of the show. So she demanded a huge amount, which was met. She said, “I got 2 crores from ‘Bigg Boss’. I was not doing this show at all. I had said that I am not meant for Bigg Boss. But they said no, no you do it, you do it. So I said that if you give me this much money then I will do the show and stay for 4-5 weeks. If I get through that then it is fine. They passed me. Now I am getting 2 crores for 7 weeks and I cannot do useless films to run the house. So the show was good. And I went to the show to show my real personality. I do not fight. These are very small things in life. I look at big things, how will you make a relationship with someone. But here the short term is seen.

Away from acting for 13 years, what does Rimi Sen do now?

Rimi Sen has been away from acting for 13 years now. In 2016, she became a producer and produced ‘Budhia Singh-Born to Run’. Rimi Sen keeps a very low profile and is rarely seen in public events. Currently, she is in the news for a two-year-old fraud case of Rs 4.40 crore, in which she had filed a case against a Mumbai businessman. Currently, the CID is investigating it.

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