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Ricky Cage was once a dentist, did not take any training in music, yet has won 3 Grammy Awards

At the Grammy Awards 2023 held in Los Angeles, India once again stung. Bengaluru-based music composer Ricky Kej received a Grammy Award for his album ‘Divine Tides’. This is Ricky Kej’s third Grammy. Earlier he had won the first Grammy in 2015 and the second Grammy in 2022. Ricky Kej has once again come into the limelight after the Grammys. Ricky Cage is being discussed from this corner of the country to the end of the world. Ricky Cage started his career as a keyboard artist and today his songs and music are appreciated all over the world.

But do you know that Ricky Kej Cage at one point decided to leave music and become a dentist? Most of the people in Ricky Cage’s family are in the medical field. In such a situation, the decision to make a career in music other than that field was very challenging. In the Monday Motivation series, know the story of Ricky Kej’s hard work and passion, due to which his name is being recognized worldwide along with Grammy.

Grammy Awards 2023: India won the Grammy Awards, Ricky Cage won the third honor, see the list of winners

Entry in music while studying dentist

Ricky Cage was born on August 5, 1981. He is half Punjabi and half Marwari. When Ricky Cage was 8 years old, he moved to Bangalore and started living there. There he took admission in Oxford Dental College after completing his schooling. Since all the people in the family were in the medical line. That’s why Ricky Cage also studied further with the intention of making a career in this. Ricky Cage was ready to start in this field after completing his dentist studies. But he left the dream of becoming a dentist and then stepped into the world of music.

This actor’s grandson joins Bengaluru-based rock band

Ricky Cage joined a rock band while studying dentist at university. From here, Ricky Cage’s interest in music continued to grow. In an interview, Ricky Cage’s mother Pummy Cage had told that the ability that Ricky has inside, he got the skill from his grandfather Jankidas. Jankidas was not only an actor but also an Olympic cyclist.

keyboard artist, then made his own studio

When Ricky Cage gave up his dream of becoming a dentist to pursue a career in music, convincing his family was not easy. But somehow convinced the family and then started as a keyboard artist. Ricky Cage started working with a rock band named ‘Angel Dust’ from Bangalore and then set up his own studio two years later. After this Ricky Cage did not look back and he started composing his own songs and jingles. Ricky Cage did not take any training in music from anywhere. He kept on improving himself with practice. He just studied classical music. Then he was 24 years old.

more than 100 awards

Ricky Cage has performed in over 30 countries around the world and has won numerous awards. It is said that he has won more than 100 awards worldwide for music and has brought laurels to the country.

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