Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Remove the fear of online fraud, Airtel Secure Internet service has arrived, know how much it will charge

Airtel Xstream Fiber Airtel Secure Internet: Everyone wants to be safe while using the internet, but the cases of cyber crime or say fraud are increasing rapidly all over the world. During COVID 19 or say Corona, some people are still doing work from home and for entertainment etc. Indian users spend most of their time online and everyone is worried due to the high risk of cyber attack.

Let us tell you that Airtel Xstream Fiber has launched a new and special service Airtel Secure Internet. The purpose of this special service is to keep away such websites and content that can harm you so that you can use the Internet safely.

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Airtel Xstream Fiber Airtel Secure Internet feature effectively filters the content of children during online classes and e-learning to keep them safe from hacking incidents.

Airtel Secure Internet Charges
Let us know that this service is available for all Airtel Extreme Fiber users and its monthly cost is Rs 99. For the information of you people, let us tell you that the subscription comes with a complimentary trial service of 30 days and then charges will be taken after that.

Airtel Secure Internet Charge: Know everything about this service (Photo-

Let us know that Secure Internet offers many security modes to the users such as from remote working to online classes. With Child Safe and Study Mode, users can block websites and applications as well as adult/graphic content that is not suitable for children.

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Airtel Secure Internet can be easily activated or deactivated through the Airtel Thanks App.


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